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The Newborn King - Advent Devotional

FREE Advent Devotional Book – The Newborn King

We hope you enjoy learning about Langham’s impact around the world through our Advent videos, released on the first three Mondays of December 2022.

This Christmas we invite you to join us in impacting believers around the world, particularly in conflict-filled countries such as Ukraine, Syria and DR Congo.

Your gift to Langham will train and resource pastors and leaders to study and faithfully teach God’s Word in these places.

Independent analysis shows that 91% of Langham-trained pastors observe congregation members loving and serving neighbours after hearing faithful sermons.

Please consider a gift today to help equip pastors and leaders who multiply peace-filled disciples of Jesus Christ in hard places.

As a special thank you for your gift this Christmas, the first 100 people to donate (from UK & Ireland) will receive an Advent Devotional booklet, written by church leaders from around the world.

Donate to Langham this Christmas

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