Church Support

Your church can support Langham's work around the world through prayer, awareness and giving.

The support of churches is vital to Langham:


Vital in prayer

as you pray for Gods work happening through Langham.

Vital in awareness

as you share stories of what God is doing through Langham, encouraging us all.

Vital in giving

Just as you, we are passionate not to just see this work continue but flourish – with more people coming to a deep and solid faith in Jesus Christ as their saviour, through reading, preaching and teaching.

Langham Sunday


Dr Chris Wright

We would love you to hold a ‘Langham’ service. On this page you will find videos sharing stories from around the world, prayers to use in a service and finally a sermon outline written by our International Ministries Director Dr Chris Wright.

Please do use these resources to encourage your church in their prayers, their giving and our thanks for their support.




Please use these videos to highlight the work of Langham:



Your church’s support


If congregation members would like to hear more about Langham, they can sign up for our eNews, Prayer Guide and Transform magazine.

If the church or members would like to give a gift to Langham, they can donate:



Onlinethrough our secure web form.




By sending a cheque to:

Langham Partnership (UK & Ireland) 19 Whitfield Place, London, W1T 5JX.





For further information, please contact us.

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