Some church groups may want to meet over a period of six weeks, while others may wish to meet for seven weeks, incorporating Holy Week. The first six studies, therefore, are a complete course, with the seventh week providing an ‘extra’ study if wanted.

There is no necessity to complete every activity. The study leader may wish to use some activities one week and not others.

Each study provides a series of activities and consists of:

    • A quotation with questions to be used as an ‘ice-breaker’. It is recommended that this is a brief discussion.
    • A 5-7 minute video in which a number of Christians give their views on the topic under discussion. It is recommended that the group have a pen and paper to hand to jot down thoughts from the video which can be shared at the end of the video. The study page gives the title and the URL address for each video.
    • Alternative Track 1 and Track 2 Bible studies

Track 1: Examples from the life of Jesus taken from Matthew’s Gospel
Track 2: Encouragements to become like Jesus taken from the Epistles

Tracks 1 and 2 provide options for the study leader to decide which track to use if they wish; both tracks need not necessarily be followed in the same year. The unused track can be used as a second Lent Study course on a separate occasion. Different groups within a church may, however, chose to follow different tracks in the same year.

The Study Guide

Study Guide
Download a PDF of the Study Guide for offline use on your computer or tablet


Download a PDF for printing double sided to create a booklet




Video Resources

You can download all the related videos for offline viewing in one easy download or use the individual download links below:

1. Why is it important?

Download this video for offline viewing

2. How does it happen?

Download this video for offline viewing

3. Place of the Bible in the

Download this video for offline viewing

4. What is the purpose of becoming
like Jesus?

Download this video for offline viewing

5. For social or personal

Download this video for offline viewing

6. Evangelism vs discipleship

Download this video for offline viewing

7. Training for transformation

Download this video for offline viewing

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