Loving our Future Neighbour: Earth-Keeping as Christian Witness


Thursday 11 November 2021, 7pm
How wide and deep is our mission in the world? And what responsibility do we bear as a holistic witness to our descendants?

In this year’s John Stott London Lecture, drawing directly on Stott’s writings on creation care and her own ongoing research on human-environment interactions in Asia, Dr Laura Yoder will show that creation care is a vital part of Christian life and witness, holding an integral place in our everyday discipleship.

Through the work of groups like A Rocha, and the faithful service of ordinary Christians in their diverse vocations, we are called to love our future neighbour – those yet to be born, who will inherit what we make of God’s created world. Earth-keeping, then, becomes an essential aspect of our Christian witness, revealing God’s sustaining love for all creation across all time.

Dr Laura Yoder is Director and John Stott Chair of Human Needs and Global Resources, and Professor of Environmental Studies at Wheaton College, Illinois. Her research highlights the sociopolitical aspects of our common ecological issues, drawing on years of grounded fieldwork. In 2021, she completed Living Radical Discipleship (Langham) and John Stott on Creation Care (IVP).

This year’s lecture will be live-streamed online. Register now to access on 11 November.