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1 October 2018 |

Langham Scholar Gerardo Corpeño is from El Salvador, but has lived and worked in Guatemala for eight years. He is pursuing his PhD in Theology from Wheaton College in Illinois, USA. His research focuses on the implications of Christ’s cross for reconciliation in violent societies. Gerardo previously served as a professor of Systematic and Latin American Theology at Central American Theological Seminary, Guatemala.

Gerardo Corpeño previously served as a professor at a seminary in Guatemala.

Gerardo Corpeño previously served as a professor at a seminary in Guatemala.

Following centuries of Spanish rule, decades of political and economic instability in El Salvador and Guatemala culminated in bloody civil wars that ended in the nineties. Significant poverty and crime remain pressing issues for the Church in both countries.

Read his report: 

I’m originally from El Salvador, but I have been living in Guatemala for eight years until now. My wife Debora is also from Guatemala.

My vocational goals are to continue teaching theology in Latin America and to contribute toward the development of academic and church leadership in Latin America. In order to be able to do that, I need to have the best possible preparation and expertise in the field that I already teach: theology. So, that’s the reason why I’m pursuing my PhD preparation.

Gerardo Corpeño is from El Salvador.

Gerardo Corpeño is from El Salvador.

I believe that my own seminary, as well as other seminaries in Latin America, needs more theology professors who are trained at a doctoral level so that the faculty of theology can improve and grow, and continue to be a blessing to the Church and her mission in Latin America.

Suffering from poverty and violence

I also believe that the multiple socioeconomic and political challenges of Latin America require a holistic understanding of the Gospel, and also a multidisciplinary engagement of theology with these issues. For these reasons, my dissertation focuses on a holistic and biblical view of the cross as a foundation for relating the issues of liberation and reconciliation in Latin American Christologies.

I think this topic is so important in a continent that has been suffering from poverty and violence for so long. El Salvador and Guatemala have both suffered from civil war and, right now, are considered among the most violent countries in the world.

Gerardo Corpeno

Gerardo Corpeño has a wife Debora, and two children: Xaris and Gerardo Samuel.

I think this topic also has important implications for the understanding and practice of mission in the Church in Latin America – a holistic mission rooted in the biblical narrative of the cross.

Thankful for Langham Partnership

Please join me in thanking God for providing for us financially. Langham Partnership’s support has been crucial in this regard. Also, pray that I will do well academically as I start my second year of the PhD programme and that I will learn German well.

Pray also that my family and I can continue the process of adaptation to the culture, and that my wife and the kids will continue to learn English.

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