Prayer Guide April 2018

6 April 2018 |

This prayer information first appeared in LPUKI’s Prayer Guide email April 2018. You can sign-up to receive the Prayer Guide by email. 

Langham Scholar Yacouba Sanon, born in Burkina Faso, asks for prayer after recent attacks in his home country.

‘The Lord taught us to pray for the perpetrators’

In early March, gunmen launched twin attacks on key locations in Burkina Faso’s capital city of Ouagadougou. Langham Scholar Yacouba Sanon, who was born in Burkina Faso, has asked for prayer in response to these events:

– Pray for the safety of pastors and their families who are serving in the north of the country.

– Pray for spiritual wisdom to encourage the church and show compassion even in dire circumstances.

– Please pray for the perpetrators of the attacks, as the Lord taught us to do.

– We should also pray for the government and its partners to find the appropriate answer to the crisis, whose roots are deep and complex.

Read the full interview with Yacouba, who is now Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew at a bible college in Côte d’Ivoire, Africa. He is also on the board of the Africa Bible Commentary.

Langham Preaching has a small presence in Egypt, a place of great pressure for Christians.

Pray for Langham Preaching to break into the Middle East

Langham Preaching leads many training events across the Majority World, but has such a small presence across the band of countries from North Africa through the Middle East and on to West and Central Asia. There is a small work in Egypt and another country with security issues for believers. History tells us that they are crucial countries – please pray that God will open doors and enable this ministry to start among these diverse peoples.

Please also pray for training events taking place this month in: Panama, DR Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Read more about the Langham Preaching programme.


The Arabic Contemporary Commentary project has faced many setbacks in recent years.

Pray for the Arabic Contemporary Commentary

Please pray for the Arabic Contemporary Commentary, a Langham Literature project that began ten years ago and is now in its very final stages. The commentary aims to provide an avenue for the Bible to directly speak into the contemporary issues facing the Arab-speaking world.

It’s also the first commentary of its kind in the Arab world as it is on the whole Bible, written by Arab theologians, for Arabic-speaking churches, in the Middle East and North Africa.

Please pray for all involved, that they will meet the finishing line for this commentary at the end of this year. Find out more about the commentary.


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