Prayer Guide April 2019

1 April 2019 |

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Pray for church growth in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Slavko Hadžić, one of our preaching coordinators, has an amazing testimony. He was brought up as a communist atheist, but when war started in former Yugoslavia he prayed to God in desperation. A few years later, Slavko came to Christ and was convinced that God wanted him to return to Bosnia & Herzegovina despite having vowed never to return. Now Slavko is passionate about sharing the Gospel in his home country and training preachers through his work with Langham.

He shared his life story at LPUKI’s Vision Day in February. Slavko said that before the war, the church was very small in Bosnia & Herzegovina but during that time an “awakening” happened. Slavko says that still today born-again Christians in Bosnia & Herzegovina are a “small minority”.

“We are really in the need of your prayers and in need of revival, so the number of Christians is growing but it is still a big work.”

Please pray for Slavko’s ministry in Bosnia & Herzegovina as he shares the good news of Jesus Christ with broken people. Pray also for his work with Langham Preaching as he trains future church leaders.

Read the full story and watch the video.


Pray for Langham Preaching’s coordinator in Malawi

It may be out of the headlines, but people in Southern Africa are still suffering the devastating effects of Cyclone Idai. The cyclone swept through Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi – hundreds of people have been killed and 2.5 million need help. Langham Preaching’s coordinator in Malawi, Eric Mango, says many in his neighbourhood have lost their homes, some have lost their loved ones and his own house was badly damaged.

Please pray for the relief efforts taking place. Pray also that this disaster will not hinder Langham Preaching’s vital work in Southern Africa.


Pray for new Langham Scholar Care Coordinator Josué Fernandez

Did you know that there is a team of people dedicated to looking after those who are studying through Langham Partnership’s Scholar programme both here and abroad? They are known as our ‘Scholar Care Coordinators’. These unsung heroes provide crucial pastoral and practical support. They regularly visit, email, Skype and gather prayer news. This week, Josué Fernandez started as the new Scholar Care Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Josué was born in San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina. He has been in ministry for over 20 years: from pastoring churches, developing rehab programs for young drug addicts, and creating feeding programs for street children, to functioning as a youth pastor in the United States and serving as Head Pastor of a church in Argentina.

Please pray for Josué as he starts his new role. Pray that he will get to know the Scholars quickly, and provide vital support to them and their families.


Pray for Majority World Bible Colleges receiving Langham Library Grants

Every year, Langham Literature provides thousands of books free of charge to Majority World Bible Colleges through its Library Grant programme. We recently heard that several leaders in Africa had expressed their “delight and appreciation” at receiving these resources. And Africa Renewal University in Uganda said the theology section in its library is growing very fast because of the Langham Library Grant.

Praise God for Langham Literature’s Library Grant scheme, which enabled over 10,000 books to be provided to colleges between July 2017 and June 2018. Please pray that more colleges will benefit from the scheme, and that the resources will be a blessing to students and future church leaders.


Langham Scholars study room at Tyndale House

Through long-standing contacts with Tyndale House in Cambridge, Langham Partnership now has a permanent ensuite study bedroom, for exclusive use by Langham Scholars. This study room is one of our Seedbed projects. Tyndale House boasts a world-renowned library, and a superb academic community in which Scholars can complete their studies.

Please pray for several Scholars who are due to stay in the study room in the coming months. If you would like to give towards the study room, which costs £6,650 a year, click here. Find out more about this Seedbed project.


A prayer to use in your church service, prayer meeting, home group or individually:

Heavenly Father, we give you thanks for Slavko’s inspiring testimony, and his desire to share your Gospel in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Please bless his ministry and his work with Langham Preaching in that region.

Gracious God, we are saddened by news of Cyclone Idai and the devastating effects on millions of people. We uphold Eric Mango, our preaching coordinator in Malawi, as he comforts those in his neighbourhood who have lost loved ones.

Loving Lord, bless Josué Fernandez as he starts in the role of Scholar Care Coordinator for Latin America and Caribbean this week. May he be a vital support to many Langham Scholars.

Thank you, Lord for the Langham Library Grant scheme, which has provided thousands of books to Majority World Bible Colleges free of charge. We pray that many more colleges will benefit from this scheme.

And finally, we pray for the permanent study room at Tyndale House in Cambridge. Please bless the Langham Scholars who will be staying there in the coming months.

In your precious son Jesus Christ’s name,


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