Prayer Guide January 2019

8 January 2019 |

This information for prayer first appeared in LPUKI’s January 2019 Prayer Guide. Sign up to receive it every month by email. 

Pray for the impact of the Arabic Contemporary Commentary

In November, we asked you to pray for a wide distribution of the Arabic Contemporary Commentary. This is the long-awaited one-volume commentary on the whole Bible, written by Arabs for Arab believers in the Middle East and North Africa. There’s good news – 10,000 copies of the commentary arrived in Egypt last month! Pieter Kwant, Langham Literature’s Director, asks us to pray

“… that they get into the market and reach all those people who need to read and use this work.”

Watch the commentary’s General Editor Rev Dr Andrea Zaki explain his hopes for the resource in this short video. You can also read more about the ACC’s launch in Cairo in November.

Pray for Langham Scholar Rania Hendy

Langham Scholar Rania Hendy, from Egypt, is studying for a PhD in Old Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary, US. She is pictured left, with her husband and son. Rania wants to revive interest in, and faithful engagement with, the Old Testament across the Middle East. For the Church in Egypt, the Old Testament can be a challenging text, in which Egypt is often portrayed as the oppressor. Rania hopes to show how the Old Testament can serve as a liberating and empowering resource for Egyptian Christians, who face marginalisation in society. She asks us to pray: 

1) “I am in the first phase of my PhD studies. Please pray for strength and wisdom to handle all my coursework requirements.

2) “I have one son who is currently studying at a university in the US. Please pray that he would be able to adjust quickly to the different education system, and that his time in the States would be a great opportunity for him to deepen his relationship with God.”

Read a fuller report from Rania.


 Pray for Langham Preaching in Sierra Leone

In July, we asked you to pray for Langham Preaching’s work in Sierra Leone, a country ravaged by the Ebola virus. We recently received an end-of-year report from Sierra Leone’s coordinator Chris Jonah. He says Preaching Clubs (small groups which meet between Langham training events) are gradually restarting, after being forced to stop because of the virus. Praise Godthat two dormant Clubs are meeting again, and leaders from three regions have been trained. He’s also received good feedback from books given to pastors, and God has been “doing His work” despite difficult circumstances. Langham Preaching resources are helping pastors in this needy country. But please keep praying! Chris asks:

“May God help us to persevere because people need to be trained especially in the rural areas. We were challenged to keep going. Please pray for God’s strength and wisdom.”

Read the full report from Chris Jonah.

 Thank you for praying for the LABC

In September, we told you how the Latin American Bible Commentary (LABC) was exhibited at a Spanish-speaking book fair in the US. Thank you for praying for the final editorial changes to the text – the commentary has now gone to the printers! Ian Darke, project coordinator, has been promoting the LABC in various places, including at the Peruvian Bible Society (see Ian pictured second from the right).

Please keep praying that the LABC will be promoted widely throughout Latin America, getting into the hands of preachers and believers.

 Vision Day 2019 – Save the Date!

It’s not too late to book your free place at our ‘Vision Day’at All Souls, Langham Place in London on Saturday 2 February 2019. It’s our opportunity to thank our supporters, and share the latest news and vision for Langham’s exciting work. Langham Partnership’s International Ministries Director Chris Wright will speak, alongside representatives from all three programmes. If you would like to attend, please book online or email Simon Foulds: Please pray that the Vision Day will encourage attendees and increase support for Langham’s work around the world.


A prayer to use in your church service, prayer meeting, home group or individually:

As a new year begins, we pray for your blessing on all Langham’s work around the world. Thank you for answering our prayers about the Arabic Contemporary Commentary and the Latin American Bible Commentary.

We ask you now to put these vital commentaries into the hands of pastors who need them in order to preach more faithfully. We pray they’ll be resources which greatly bless believers in the Middle East, North Africa and Latin America. 

Gracious Lord, please protect and help Langham Scholar Rania Hendy in her studies. Bless her son as he continues on at a college in the US. 

And finally, we pray for Langham Preaching’s work in Sierra Leone. We pray for lasting fruit in that needy country. Help Chris Jonah and his team to keep going. 

In your precious son Jesus Christ’s name, 



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