Prayer Guide March 2019

11 March 2019 |

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How to pray for Sofanit the Scholar in 66 seconds!

Langham Scholar Sofanit Abebe asked for prayer at our Vision Day last month. Sofanit, who is from Ethiopia, is currently studying for a PhD in New Testament at Edinburgh University. She asked us to pray for:
1) Clarity of thought as she studies, and that she would pass her Viva next year.

2) Her two daughters, and her husband Paulos who is working on a book on Christology in Amharic.

3) Sofanit’s sending institution, Ethiopia Graduate School of Theology (EGST), which has started a preaching programme.

4) Ethiopia as a country, which is going through a difficult transition at the moment.

Read the prayer requests in full and watch the video.

Pray for a Langham Scholar’s work with women in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, traditional cultural values result in harmful and degrading practices to women including FGM. Graduated Langham Scholar Seble Daniel is involved in eradicating these harmful practices. She serves at Ethiopia Graduate School of Theology, impacting hundreds of future leaders. Please pray for Seble’s vital work, and pray that more Langham Scholars would be raised up to fight for practical Biblical truth in societies across the Majority World.

Watch the video about Seble’s story, first shown at Langham Partnership US’ Vision Weekend last year.


Pray for publishing and distribution of Christian books in Egypt

Last month, three Langham Literature staff members visited Egypt to work alongside Dar El Thaqafa, the publishing arm of CEOSS (Coptic Evangelical Organisation for Social Services). Dar El Thaqafa is the distributor of the Arabic Contemporary Commentary. It has published other Langham titles in Arabic, plus books by Chris Wright and John Stott. The Langham Literature team was invited to Cairo to see how Dar El Thaqafa could strengthen its publishing operation and distribution within Egypt and the wider Middle East region. Many hours were spent in fruitful discussions. Please pray for Dar El Thaqafa, as it distributes the Arabic Contemporary Commentary and publishes vital evangelical books in Arabic. Pray also for Langham Literature’s wider work in supporting publishers in the Majority World.

Read the full story.

Pray for Langham Preaching’s work in the ‘Big Country’

In September last year, we asked you to pray for Langham’s work in the ‘Big Country’ in Asia. Langham Scholars is supporting PhD students who hope to return there to minister. And Langham Preaching has a growing movement in the Big Country, despite increased levels of Christian persecution in recent times. Paul Windsor, Langham Preaching’s Director, highlighted in February the “huge number” of people involved with the programme across the Big Country. He asked us to pray for ‘R’ (who can’t be named for security reasons), as she builds her team in the role of regional coordinator. Please pray for Langham Preaching’s work in the country, which is clearly growing and bearing fruit. Pray that believers will stand firm.

Pray for the Central Eastern European Bible Commentary

The Central Eastern European Bible Commentary is one of our Seedbed projects. The aim is to create a one-volume commentary on the whole Bible, written by Scholars in Central Eastern Europe for believers in their region. The project’s coordinator, Katharina Penner, has asked supporters to pray for authors to be found for three Old Testament books. Please also pray for five commentaries that haven’t been started yet.

Katharina asked us to pray that all the authors would “pay sufficient attention to contextualisation”. Please pray for the CEEBC, and if you would like to give towards it, click here.


A prayer to use in your church service, prayer meeting, home group or individually:

Thank you Lord for Langham’s work around the world. Today we lift to you Langham Scholar Sofanit Abebe in Edinburgh. We pray that you would help her to have clarity of thought as she studies. We pray also that you would keep her family safe.

Gracious Father, we pray for the vital work of Seble Daniel who is working to eradicate FGM in Ethiopia. We pray for more Langham Scholars to have a practical impact when they return home.

Thank you Lord for the Langham Literature team, which visited a publisher in Egypt last month. Help this publisher as it distributes the Arabic Contemporary Commentary.

We cry to you Heavenly Father for believers in the Big Country who are suffering intense persecution. Help Langham Preaching’s regional coordinator there to build her team and train many church leaders.

And finally Lord, we pray that new authors may be found for the Central Eastern European Bible Commentary. We pray that all the authors will make their commentaries contextually relevant to believers in their region.

In your precious son Jesus Christ’s name,



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