Prayer Guide May 2019

1 May 2019 |

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Out of the headlines not out of our hearts: pray for Sri Lanka

On Easter Sunday, at least 253 people were killed and 500 injured in suicide attacks in Sri Lanka. The bombings took place in churches and hotels, with many children among the victims.

Please pray for Sri Lanka, in the wake of this horrific event. Kanishka Raffel is Langham Preaching’s facilitator for Sri Lanka – he encouraged people to pray that the Christian community there “would shine like bright stars in a dark sky”. He added: “Pray for church communities, and pastors and Christian leaders that they will have God’s Spirit of wisdom, and his power to minister the grace of the gospel with perseverance, faith and hope.”

Pray also for Langham Preaching’s work in Sri Lanka, and for Langham Scholars who are supporting believers on the ground.

Read reflections from Christians in Sri Lanka, and a Langham Scholar who is a global leader in trauma and crisis counselling.


Pray for the impact of Langham book ‘Tackling Trauma’

In March, Tackling Trauma’ was published under the ‘Langham Global Library’ imprint. Edited by former Langham Preaching coordinator Paul Barker, the book includes contributions from experienced Christian professionals who provide deep and biblical responses to people’s trauma. They give readers wisdom and practical suggestions rather than just describing problems. It’s an ideal resource for leaders in the Majority World.

Please pray for the impact of ‘Tackling Trauma’ – pray that many church leaders in the Majority World will read this book and be better equipped to serve those who are experiencing trauma.




Athena GorospePray for Langham Scholar Athena Gorospe

Langham Scholar Athena Gorospe has dedicated her life to serving the marginalised, particularly in the Philippines. In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, Athena led a team to one of the devastated islands to support grieving survivors.

She also trains the next generation of Christian leaders to address societal questions, in her role directing the ‘Contextual Theology’ PhD programme at Asian Theological Seminary.

Athena is passionate about understanding how using the Bible can speak to the issues of today. She is disturbed by attitudes towards women in the Philippines, and actively speaks out against extrajudicial violence and other pressing concerns in society.

Give thanks to God for Athena’s passion to use the Bible to speak into today’s issues. Please pray that the students Athena teaches will put their faith into action and apply the Bible to societal concerns, especially in the Philippines.

Read this profile of Athena Gorospe to find out more about her ministry.


Pray for the family of Edwin Fernández

Last month we heard the sad news that Edwin Fernández, who worked for Langham Preaching, passed away after not recovering from multiple surgeries. Edwin was the coordinator for both the preaching movement in Bolivia and the work among the Quechua and Aymara peoples. The sense of shock and loss for Edwin’s family and for the Latin America Director Igor Améstegui is immense.

Please pray for Edwin’s family at this time. Pray also for Igor, who has been leading preaching training in Bolivia this week. Please pray that he will adjust to this ministry without Edwin, and for the future of the work among the Quechua and Aymara peoples.


Let’s get really radical!

Our Preaching Director Paul Windsor has written an inspiring blog post urging believers to be more radical in their service of Jesus. He offers a checklist of five questions to help us. Do take a few minutes to read the blog, and pray that we would “get really radical”!





A prayer to use in your church service, prayer meeting, home group or individually:

Heavenly Father, in the wake of the terrible attacks in Sri Lanka last month, we pray you would comfort those who mourn and be with those connected with Langham who are helping survivors there.

We lift to you the new Langham book ‘Tackling Trauma’. We pray that it will impact many Majority World leaders, and equip them to deal with people who have experienced trauma.

Merciful Lord, please help Langham Scholar Athena Gorospe to teach her students well. We pray that they would be inspired to put their faith into action and use the Bible to speak into societal issues.

God of all peace, we are saddened by the death of Edwin Fernández in Bolivia. Please reveal your love to his family at this time and bless the future of Langham Preaching in that country.

And finally Lord, help us to be more radical in our service of Jesus. Give us boldness to speak about Him and to shine brightly in this dark world.

In your precious son Jesus Christ’s name,


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