Prayer Guide September 2019

1 September 2019 |

This information for prayer first appeared in LPUKI’s September 2019 Prayer Guide. Sign up to receive it every month by email.

Pray for ongoing work on the Central Eastern European Bible Commentary

Work on Langham Literature’s landmark one-volume Bible commentary for Central and Eastern Europe continues, with many highs and lows. Read project coordinator Katharina Penner’s update about the latest progress. Please pray

– for the new articles editor, who starts work this week. 

– that the commentaries for Isaiah and Daniel will be completed, after serious delays.

– that the commentary will be published in spring-summer 2022, and have a huge impact on believers in the region. 

Pray for Langham Scholar and Uni President Dr Atido in Ebola-hit DR Congo 

Last June, we asked you to pray for Langham Scholar Dr George Pirwoth Atido, who is the President of Shalom University in Bunia, DR Congo. You may have seen in the news that the devastating Ebola virus has struck the country, claiming the lives of over 2,000 people. Vaccines are in short supply, with Dr Atido’s university being forced to make difficult choices about which of the staff and students should receive it. Fierce fighting and tribal conflicts are also hampering efforts to eradicate the spread of infection.   

Please pray that:  

– more vaccines will be made available to the university community, and for protection of the staff and students.

– solutions will be found as visiting lecturers fear travelling to Bunia because of the current situation. 

– students whose families are affected by the violence in the countryside can concentrate academically, have adequate finances to pay school fees and living expenses, and have peace in their hearts. 

– Dr Atido leads the university wisely and shows grace and mercy while under extreme pressure. 

Read more from Dr Atido.

Pray for Langham Preaching in Indonesia 

Hendra Setia Prasaja is a Langham Preaching trainer in Indonesia (see picture left). Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world. Hendra helps to run Langham Preaching seminars for pastors from different backgrounds in his area, and is grateful to God for the unity that Langham Preaching brings. Please pray for Hendra in his outreach ministry for his church, and also as he prepares and leads Langham Preaching events.Pray also for Langham Preaching training taking place in Bali this week, for preachers who mainly work with the poor and vulnerable.

Read the interview with Hendra Setia Prasaja.

A prayer to use in your church service, prayer meeting, home group or individually:

Heavenly Father, 

We praise and thank you for the progress so far on the Central Eastern European Bible Commentary. Please help the new articles editor to make wise changes to submitted manuscripts. We also pray that this commentary will have a huge impact on believers in the region when it is published in 2022.

God of mercy, we lift to you Dr Atido in DR Congo. We pray he will lead his university well at this difficult time. Please provide more vaccines for the community and eradicate the devastating Ebola virus from the country. 

Lord of all, we pray for Langham Preaching’s work in Indonesia. Help your servant Hendra to reach people with the Gospel and to have energy and enthusiasm as he trains preachers in his area.

Finally Lord, we pray that many people will attend the Vision Events in September and be encouraged by hearing about what you’re doing through Langham around the world. 

In your precious son Jesus Christ’s name,