Esther Newton in Ooty, India

Staff Profile – Esther Newton

5 March 2018 |

Last year, Esther Newton joined the publishing team at Langham shortly after completing her A-Levels. Having spent 7 years in India as a child, she was excited by the prospect of being immersed in other cultures and traditions once more through her work editing, producing and promoting books by Majority World authors.

Esther’s father took a job teaching at Hebron School, Ooty, India just after she was born and spending these early, formative years left a lasting impact on Esther. Growing up in a Christian family and attending a Christian school was an excellent environment in which the Gospel could take root in her life. After her family returned to the UK, as she got older, Esther realised that the faith in God that was normal for her, wasn’t necessarily the experience of everyone else. It was at a youth camp in 2013, where she actively made a decision to follow Jesus, following on from the childlike faith and knowledge of God that she had already enjoyed. Over the last couple of years Esther says she has grown in understanding her identity in Christ and the sufficiency of our relationship with a triune God, and thriving in that identity and sufficiency.

Esther is a self proclaimed film and cinema lover, as well as a synchronized ice skating enthusiast, however she also enjoys reading. Strangers in the Kingdom – on how the church can serve refugees and minister Christ’s love to them, Praying Through the Psalms – a devotional book for every Christian, which is published next month, and From Genocide to Generosity – containing stories of healing, forgiveness and peace following the Rwandan genocide, are just some of the books Langham has published that have caught Esther’s attention. Esther says it is because of the interesting approach to refugee ministry, reading the Bible in a fresh way and telling powerful but overlooked stories that these books have sparked interest in her.

Strangers in the Kingdom Praying Through the Psalms From Genocide to Generosity

Editing, proofing, indexing, transforming books into electronic versions and sharing about our books and wider ministry on social media take up the bulk of Esther’s working hours. The work she does is vital to making our books as easy to read and use, as accessible in different formats, and as widely heard about as possible.

We are blessed to have Esther working on our team and are glad you will have the opportunity to be blessed by the work she does through the books we publish.

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