Our Publications

Langham’s vision is to build up the global church. Through Langham Creative Projects we publish affordable evangelical books for and by Majority World preachers and scholars, making it possible for Majority World voices to be heard worldwide.

Langham Publications - Select Covers

We publish under 4 imprints. All of the publications in these imprints can be ordered through any good Christian retailer as well through the Langham Literature online store.

Langham Global Library

Excellent evangelical publications contextually addressing issues in the Majority World for the benefit of the global church. The Langham Global Library has a wide range of books including textbooks, biographies and commentaries, with the vision to edify believers in their walk with God, encourage Christian leaders, strengthen ministries and develop theological understanding.

Langham Monographs

Langham Monographs is an academic imprint that serves evangelical scholars from the Majority World by making their work available worldwide in affordable and accessible formats.

Langham Preaching Resources

Langham Preaching Resources help preachers be godly in character, confident in conviction, faithful to Scripture, clear in presentation and relevant to their audience.


HippoBooks is a shared imprint with several publishers and partners. Our vision is to stimulate spiritual and intellectual growth in the African church by developing books by African Christian authors who address African realities from an evangelical perspective.

Titles in the Hippo imprint address a broad range of issues. They include Bible commentaries and new works in biblical studies, cultural studies, ethics, history, systematic theology, and more. The intended readers are pastors, church leaders, and theological students.

There is a separate imprint dedicated to books in French from African authors called LivresHippo.


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