BY llewis | 17 December 2013 |

What does Langham DO? Simple questions. Yet Langham staff often flinch when asked … it is so hard to formulate…
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Far East and Near East

BY llewis | 4 December 2013 |

Re-drawing a historic link In his hometown of Zahle in Lebanon, the Director of Langham Scholars, Riad Kassis, regularly meets…
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BY llewis | 12 November 2013 |

At last the final shape of the South Asia Bible Commentary (SABC) is beginning to emerge. In October 2013 the…
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Context and Gospel …a legacy to pass on

BY llewis | 18 October 2013 |

Asian Langham Scholars contribute ‘Communicating the Gospel Contextually in Contemporary Asia’ was the theme of the Asian Theological Association (ATA)…
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Request for prayer following the Nairobi Westgate Mall attack

BY llewis | 26 September 2013 |

In the aftermath of the Nairobi Westgate Mall attack on Sunday 22 September 2013, Dr Gladys Mwiti, a Kenyan Langham…
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The Reluctant Publisher – from Latvia

BY llewis | 12 September 2013 |

Publishers are enthusiasts. So why assist a ‘reluctant’ publisher? Ungars Gulbis, a Latvian preacher and church planter, is not hesitant about…
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Preacher-teaching wisdom from the Pacific Islands

BY llewis | 22 August 2013 |

‘Never do alone what you can do with another!’ This comment captures Pacific Island culture. It also captures what motivates…
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Messages before Dawn

BY llewis | 1 August 2013 |

An unexpected update on preaching training in Northeast India It is not just local preachers who are being transformed by…
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Blessed are the Advocates

BY llewis | 24 July 2013 |

A Langham scholar passionate about social justice in Vietnam The church in Vietnam has faced tremendous challenges, evident not least…
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100 million and counting

BY llewis | 24 July 2013 |

Introducing HippoBooks – LivresHippo. People are sometimes surprised to hear that French is spoken in Africa. They are even more…
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