We Equip Scholars

We help emerging Christian leaders in the Majority World earn PhDs in Bible and theology, equipping them to teach God's Word to a new generation of church leaders in their home countries. A strong theological education is crucial for Christian leaders around the world to create a lasting impact in their communities and ultimately, their nations.

How It Works

Langham Partnership funds scholarships and shepherds Christian leaders through PhD programmes in the Bible and theology, equipping them for a lifetime of multiplicative ministry as they go on to train even more biblical leaders for their nations.

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Leaders receive scholarships to pursue PhDs and we walk alongside them with practical support and guidance every step of the way.

University of Sydney


Langham scholars return to their home countries to biblically train and disciple future pastors and Christian leaders in their nation and region.

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These scholars go on to lead seminaries, write books, start ministries, advise international organisations, and more.

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