Books for Bible Colleges

Help equip tomorrow's Bible students today

Langham Partnership believes that every church deserves a biblically well-trained leader. However, the majority of Bible colleges lack funding for books.

Around the globe:

  • The majority of Bible colleges Langham works with lack funding to acquire books
  • The majority of the books are written by Western authors for a Western audience
  • Langham is one of a few ministries addressing the problem
  • Langham is the only ministry allowing colleges to choose the books they need for their library

The Solution...Books for Bible Colleges!

Langham aims to offer the following solutions through our Books for Bible Colleges campaign:

  • Supplying a catalogue of over 7,000 titles that colleges can choose from
  • Giving over 700 bible colleges a grant to choose books they need from the catalogue
  • Supporting local authors and publishers to write and address local issues
  • Filling libraries with contextually relevant, Christ-centred, biblically informed evangelical literature

How YOU can Help

- Pray for our fellow brothers and sisters around the globe who crave what we take for granted – books

- By donating £22 a month plus Gift Aid (£330), you would give a Bible college a grant to choose the books they need (see below)

- Your support would make sure the books and the cost of shipping are getting to people desperate to study so their preaching is biblical and Christ-centred