What We Do

Langham walks with the global church to biblically equip leaders and pastors to multiply disciples. We believe this is best accomplished as God’s people understand and apply God’s Word.

Our response to equip God’s people with God’s Word is three-fold.

We equip theological leaders who equip pastors and emerging leaders to multiply disciples.

We train local pastors to preach and teach the Bible, equipping pastors to shepherd their churches with God’s Word.

We develop and distribute books to equip leaders and pastors to provide biblical solutions to local issues.

The Result:

God’s people growing as disciples of Christ and extending the Gospel in their families and communities.

How We Walk with the Global Church

Langham considers it a blessing to come alongside the global church. The way we work around the world can be described as a respectful walk.

We Are Invited

Langham enters countries and communities only after local church leaders invite us.

We Partner

Langham partners with local churches, Christian schools, publishers and other ministries to equip local leaders to respond in the most strategic ways.

We Equip Local Leaders

Langham supports and equips local pastors and leaders who then do the work of multiplying disciples in their nations. This ensures the church survives and continues to grow long after we’re gone.

We Listen

Langham walks with the global church and listens to local pastors and leaders to understand their needs and the best ways we can serve.

We Focus on God’s Word

Everything we do is focused on equipping God’s people with God’s Word, because we believe the application of the Bible through the Holy Spirit brings transformation and grows His Kingdom in both numbers and depth.

“We want the Bible to change the church so that the church, under God, can change the world.”

– CHRIS WRIGHT, International Ministries Director, Langham Partnership

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