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For over three years, supporters have been gathering on Zoom every month to pray for Langham’s vital ministries. We’ve had the privilege of hearing from and praying for our family in Panama, Nigeria, Brazil, Pakistan, and Indonesia (to name just a few countries).

The calls last for 45 minutes on the last Thursday (7pm UK time) and Friday (10am UK time) each month. We start by hearing from a Langham friend from around the globe, then we break into smaller groups to pray.

You are very welcome to attend. Email us to receive the invitation every month, or register online using the buttons below.

David Valdez

Langham Live June 2024

Our special Langham Live guest for the month of June is David Valdez, Regional Coordinator for Langham Preaching in Western Europe.

David grew up in Belgium in the university towns of Leuven and Louvain-la-Neuve. His father is from Guayaquil (Ecuador) and his mum is from the flemish part of Belgium.

He studied philosophy and theology at several universities. Then he served with the IFES movements in the UK and in Belgium as the general secretary of the French-speaking movement. He has been a pastor in Switzerland for the past 20 years as well as serving as a facilitator for Langham preaching in francophone countries since 2009.

Since September 2022, he has been the regional coordinator for Langham preaching in Western Europe.

David has been married to Fiona (who is originally from Northern Ireland) for many years and they have 4 children. They currently live in Lavigny, near Lausanne.

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Supporting Theology Worldwide: Hani Hanna’s Journey with Langham Partnership

4 June 2024

In May 2024, we were delighted to be joined on Langham Live by Dr Hani Hanna, Director of Langham Literature. Hani shared with us his journey from becoming a Langham Scholar to supporting authors and colleges the world over through Langham Literature. Read the special blog post and watch the video from the event. Hani’s Background and…

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Unlocking Langham Canada: A Journey of Faith and Partnership

26 April 2024

We were delighted to welcome our special guest on Langham Live in April 2024, Executive Director of Langham Canada, Steven Van Dyke. Join us as we delve into Steve’s personal and professional experiences and explore the integral role of national partnerships in global mission. Discovering Faith and Purpose: Steve’s journey began with a transformative encounter…

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Peace Studies within Shame-Orientated Cultures

23 February 2024

In February 2024, we were blessed to have Mano Emmanuel as our guest speaker on Langham Live. Mano is Head of Academic Advancement and former Academic Dean at Colombo Theological Seminary in Sri Lanka. She is also a Langham Author, having authored Interpersonal Reconciliation between Christians in a Shame-Oriented Culture available to purchase on…

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I Love Langham!

26 January 2024

I went to the gym this morning. I don’t say that statement as a boast, but after just meeting with Sara on Langham Live, I didn’t give it a moment’s thought that when I left my house this morning and locked the door, I wouldn’t be coming back an hour later. It was almost guaranteed…

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Langham Live November 2023 Video

Families Facing Conflict at Christmas

24 November 2023

During the last Langham Live event of 2023, the Langham UK & Ireland team met together to pray for our global Langham family. The topic was Families Facing Conflict at Christmas and we were joined by Langham Global Ambassador Chris Wright along with Langham Scholars Yohanna Katanacho, Rula Mansour and Taras Dyatlik. Please use the…

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Preaching is the Gatekeeper for the Church

27 October 2023

In October 2023, we met Frew Tamrat from Ethiopia who has a passion for seeing Bible teachers equipped for teaching and preaching. Among his many roles, he is the President of Evangelical College of Addis Ababa, Co-coordinator of Langham Preaching in Ethiopia, and a contributor to Breathe and Bone published by Langham Global Library. Please use the prayer points at the bottom of…

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Gillean Smiley, Langham Live

Meeting Challenges Down Under with a Smile

29 September 2023

We were especially grateful to be joined by CEO of Langham Australia Gillean Smiley on this month’s Langham Live, as it was 2am her time – that’s commitment! Please use the prayer points at the bottom of the page to guide your prayers for the work in Australia. Gillean shared her testimony, having been brought…

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John Libby on Langham Live

Langham Partnership UK & Ireland Summer Update

29 August 2023

National Director of Langham Preaching in the United Kingdom and Ireland John Libby presented a slightly different Langham Live Zoom event this month. The special guest on this month’s call was none other than John himself! You can watch the full video below or click on the title to watch it on YouTube. Remember to…

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Slavko Hadžić

The Tremendous Impact of Langham Preaching in the Balkans and Beyond

28 July 2023

Associate Director of Langham Preaching in Europe and the Caribbean Slavko Hadžić joined the Langham Live session this month to discuss the impact of Langham Preaching Clubs in his home region. Slavko and his wife have two grown children: a 28-year-old daughter who is a psychologist and a 24-year-old son studying computer science. He continues…

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