The Calling of Asian Scholars

26 September 2017

From 18–20 July, 86 scholars of various nationalities, all of whom serve the Asian church, gathered together for the 2017 Theological…
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Watch: Langham helps pastor impact Govt and future leaders in Ukraine

18 August 2017

Watch this inspiring video about Sergiy, a Church leader in the Ukraine who was able to respond to political upheaval…
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Semper Reformanda

31 July 2017

The ICETE Series & Theological Education In the 500th anniversary year of the Reformation beginning with Martin Luther nailing his…
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What is a ‘Scholars’ Consultation’? A fly on the wall’s perspective…

14 July 2017

When you hear the word “consultation”, perhaps memories of doctors’ appointments or examinations come to mind. But when we talk…
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Equipping Gospel Bridge Builders in Romania

3 July 2017

Langham Scholar István Pásztori-Kupán, in the library at Protestant Theological Institute of Cluj-Napoca, teaches Romania’s future pastors and leaders. “I…
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Strong Faith in Indonesia

21 February 2017

It’s Sunday outside of *Hope Church in Bandung, Indonesia, and these children crowd around their favorite teachers—*Adinda and *Maya, who are currently…
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Praying for Langham Scholars in the UK

21 February 2017

Langham Partnership’s Scholars programme supports men and women around the world in completing further theological study at universities and seminaries….
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The Power of 10

6 December 2016

Strengthening Theological Studies in the MW Theological education in the Majority World (MW) is growing fast. Churches are multiplying, and…
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‘Landmark’ commentary back on track after Middle East unrest

18 August 2016

    Langham Partnership has met costs of this vital commentary, and hopes to continue funding its production. The Arabic…
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Scholars Talk in Turkey

9 March 2016

Impacting theological education worldwide Langham Partnership was well represented at the recent International Consultation for Theological Education, ICETE C-15, in…
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