Why We Exist

Around the world, Christianity is exploding like never before. These new believers need pastors that are equipped to faithfully and clearly preach God's Word. We support the global church so new believers and leaders have what they need to grow in Christ.

A majority of Christians now live outside the U.S. and Europe.

The average Christian in the world today lives in a non-western context. God has been growing the global church and more Christians are found outside the Western context than inside it. However, in places like Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, the explosion of new believers outpaces the ability to adequately train pastors to care for them. 

There is a critical lack of biblical training and resources in the places where Christianity is growing the fastest.


Sheep in need of a shepherd

A pastor is many things: a teacher, a counsellor, a pillar of the community. Without someone to lead them, new Christians are susceptible to all manner of cultural and spiritual pitfalls. All Christians need godly leaders in their lives, especially the vulnerable people who are new to the faith.

New believers must navigate a volatile world

There are many places throughout the world where professing to be a Christian can put you in real physical danger. But the threats to the faith of a new believer are subtle as well.

    • The prosperity gospel and other false teachings perpetuate in places where poverty makes people susceptible to its teachings.
    • Local religions and cultural traditions are woven in with Christian teachings, undermining the absolute claims of the gospel.
    • Political pressure requires church leaders who are deeply rooted in God's Word and able to withstand opposition.

"With the church growing in the majority world that is Latin America, Africa, or Asia, the training of leaders at this level is very strategic…theological education at the highest level becomes very important."

Dr. Habtu
Professor and dean at Kenya's Africa International University; editor of Africa Bible Commentary