What is Seedbed?

Langham Partnership supports projects in over 90 countries developing and deepening people’s faith and biblical knowledge through books, preaching and learning. We would love you to be part of this passion and see God’s Kingdom grow. Giving to Langham through Seedbed is a way of planting seeds that will grow and multiply more than we can imagine – you are investing in the future growth of God’s Kingdom.

Support Langham through Seedbed today and we will keep you up-to-date with how your money is being invested. Find out more about our programmes below:


Free Book

As a thank you for joining us, we will send you a free copy of the Langham Literature book “The Seed and the Soil” by Pauline Hoggarth. We will also send you a Langham Partnership lapel pin badge.


Our Programmes

Nurturing biblical preaching

Matthew Gonkerwon, Langham Preaching’s coordinator in Liberia, says that before Langham came, pastors used the Bible to teach their own ideas.

But Langham Preaching seminars are teaching leaders to go back to the Bible and teach what the Word of God is actually saying.

£5 a month could provide a small library for a preaching trainer each year.


Creating and distributing literature

There are 17 countries in Central and Eastern Europe that share a similar spiritual and cultural geography, but the church there lacks the contextual biblical resources to equip pastors and evangelical leaders to lead the church. Langham is producing a one-volume commentary on the Old and New Testaments written by Central and Eastern European Scholars for their region.

£15 a month could produce the commentary for Romans.


Training the next global church leaders

In Ethiopia, traditional cultural values result in harmful and degrading practices to women. Langham Scholar Seble Daniel is involved in eradicating these harmful practices, giving a voice to the voiceless in Ethiopia.

‘Having a PhD meant a lot for me, it gave me a unique voice, it has opened so many doors for me now and I can touch so many lives, thank you Langham for your support’ – Dr Seble Daniel

£50 a month could support a scholar like Seble


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‘Thrilling time’ training preachers in Georgia

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Equipping editors ‘critical’ for publishing Majority World resources

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A passion for transformation across Africa

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