Why leave a gift in your will to Langham Partnership?

Gifts in wills are among the most significant ways of ensuring Langham’s work not only continues but grows for generations to come; by remembering Langham when you make your will, you’ll enable people in the future to experience the teaching of the Bible for themselves. For example through our Scholar Programme, where we have over 500 Langham Scholars from around the world and more than 97 currently studying for their doctorates.


Langham Scholar

‘When you train a Langham Scholar, you are doing something that is going to have a multiple impact beyond your imagination…you are training somebody that is going to impact not just a community, but a nation.’
Sunday Agang, Langham Scholar and Provost of ECWA Theological Seminary in Kagoro, Nigeria.

Recent research has shown that 7733 more students will be taught during 25-year careers when a Majority World teacher becomes a Langham Scholar*.

A gift in your will could transform thousands of lives by strengthening the maturity and impact of God’s people around the world. Giving a true legacy.

How to Leave a Gift in Your Will

1. Think about what you have – your estate and assets – and who you’d like to be your executor.

2. Choose who you will remember in your will, including family, friends and the causes you care about, like Langham.

3. Decide who will write your will. We strongly suggest using a solicitor to make sure everything is legal and valid.

If you already have a will and wish to add Langham as one of your beneficiaries, ask a solicitor to help you complete a codicil and then keep it safe with your will. You can download an example Codicil form here.
*Source: Excellence in Giving, gathered and verified Scholar ministry data during a retrospective study in 2017-18.

Remember a Charity

You can visit the Remember A Charity website to find a solicitor in your local area, who will be able to advise you on leaving gifts to charities when making a will. Via Remember a Charity we can also offer a discounted Will writing service through the Co-Op, for more information please contact Simon Foulds.


Legacy Manager Simon Foulds

Simon Foulds is the Legacy Manager for Langham Partnership UK and Ireland. If you have already included Langham in your will, or are thinking of doing so, we would love to hear from you. Then we can thank you, and share with you what your gift could be doing for generations to come.

Please do email Simon in the strictest confidence.


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