Meeting a ‘desperate need’ for clear teaching in Egypt

17 November 2017 |

Langham Scholar George Bishai, with his wife Mervat and two daughters Karin (11) and Emma (2).

George Bishai is a Langham Scholar from Egypt who is based in Australia for his studies. Here he introduces himself and says a little about the Egyptian church. He writes:

“I am 38 years old, a licenced lay minister in the Anglican Diocese of Egypt since 2008. I am originally from Alexandria, Egypt, and am married to Mervat. We have two daughters, Karin (11 years old) and Emma (2 years old). After working for a short time as a mechanical engineer, I studied for a bachelor degree in theology from 2005 – 2009 at Alexandria School of Theology (AST).

“I then studied for a Master of Biblical Studies with Moore Theological College in Egypt, while teaching as a junior lecturer at AST till I finished my MA studies in 2015. In April 2016, I came to study for a New Testament PhD at Moore Theological College in Sydney.

Desperate need

George Bishai says there is an urgent need for capable scholars in Egypt who can teach God’s word effectively.

“My passion is to equip ministers for Gospel proclamation, not only through the seminary (AST), but through local churches in Egypt as I am regularly invited to teach and preach God’s Word. I believe the church in Egypt is in desperate need for clear and sound teaching of the core Christian doctrines. This huge need should be met through simple and yet deep preaching and teaching, available in different media (sermons, articles and books).

“The essential Christian beliefs are always under attack from liberal Christian circles and non-Christians alike. Those who criticise these beliefs are usually scholars who did their doctoral studies at highly academic seminaries and universities. So the need for capable scholars who can proclaim and teach God’s Word effectively and stand for the truth while still being able to communicate with God’s people in local churches on a less academic level, is not a luxury, but an urgent necessity!

Sovereign God at work

George says almost half of Arab Christians are experiencing economic and political turmoil under the threat of persecution.

“My vision as a future Langham Scholar is to work to achieve that goal in Egypt, where almost half of all Arab Christians live in a very critical moment: experiencing economic and political turmoil under the threat of persecution of radical and militant Islam from both the east (Sinai) and the west (Libya). However, our sovereign God is at work! The tragedies of ISIS have encouraged many to question the very foundations of their religion.

“More than any other time, young people are asking questions that have been never asked before. This is a challenge and an opportunity for the Gospel to spread, for the Gospel is the power of God for salvation to the Christian, to the Muslim, to the Atheist…to everyone who believes.  We should never be ashamed (Rom. 1:16)!”

Pray for George as he continues his studies at Moore Theological College in Sydney. Please consider financially supporting Langham Scholars like George Bishai.

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