A Journey of Transformation and Commitment in Latin America

Wilfredo Weigandt’s passion for preaching is not just a personal journey; it is a transformative mission that impacts local communities.

Based in Cordoba, Argentina, Wilfredo is a father of three and the Southern Cone Coordinator for Langham Preaching in Latin America. At a pivotal moment on his Christian journey, he realised the power of effective preaching and made a life-altering decision to sell his company and dedicate himself to training preachers. His motivation stems from a troubling conclusion: many local pastors lack proper training, leading to confusion and even manipulation from the pulpit.

From Building Buildings to Building Bridges

Wilfredo’s story took a dynamic turn when he decided to focus not on constructing physical structures but on building the spiritual foundations of his community by training preachers. This choice was inspired by the teachings of John Stott and Chris Wright. The two Langham missiologists introduced him to new dimensions of preaching that emphasise creativity, cultural relevance, and direct engagement with the congregation.

The Impact of the Langham Method

The Langham Method, known for its simplicity yet profound depth, has revolutionised how Wilfredo and his team approach the Bible. This method provides the tools to dissect and present biblical texts in a way that is both true to the scripture and relevant to the audience’s real-life situations.

For Wilfredo, it transformed him from an insecure introvert to a confident preacher, capable of bridging the gap between ancient text and contemporary life in Argentina.

Reaching the Heart of the Community

Under Wilfredo’s coordination, Langham’s practical preaching workshops have significantly impacted Latin America. These sessions help to train pastors to deliver sermons that avoid delusion yet captivate the audience, facilitating a deeper understanding and remembrance of the teachings. Pastors like Marcelo, once prone to convoluted sermons, now engage their congregations with clarity and relevance, providing practical applications of the Scriptures.

Beyond the Pulpit

The influence of Langham Preaching extends beyond church walls. Wilfredo’s experience with the program has not only enhanced his preaching but also his ability to mentor youth effectively. The ripple effect is evident throughout the community as the church becomes a beacon of hope and guidance in addressing pressing societal issues like economic instability, gender inequality, and crime.

A Vision for the Future

Wilfredo’s dream, deeply aligned with Langham’s vision, is for every pastor in Argentina—and across Latin America—to clearly articulate biblical truths every Sunday. This vision is not just about religious instruction; it’s about offering a pathway to a better life as outlined in the Gospel. It’s about making every sermon a moment of truth, guidance, and inspiration for an entire society facing myriad challenges.

A Call to Action

Langham supporters are part of this transformative journey. Every prayer, every contribution, and every moment of support helps equip leaders like Wilfredo to bring about significant change in their communities. Prayerful and financial donations ensure that the voice of God, through the dedication of faithful preachers, continues to resonate across Argentina, offering hope and direction in challenging times.

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