Ama Namin: The Lord’s Prayer in Philippine Life and Spirituality

The Lord’s Prayer unites Christians throughout history, speaking across the divides of language, place, and tradition. The oldest prayer of the church continues to speak to the lived reality of believers worldwide while inviting the body of Christ into a deeper understanding of the nature of God, discipleship, and the calling to a holistic mission.

Ama Namin

Ama Namin (which means ‘Our Father’) brings together the voices of Filipino evangelical scholars including Langham Scholars in a profound work of contextual and biblical theology.

Each chapter explores a portion of the Lord’s Prayer against the backdrop of Scripture and the foreground of Philippine life and spirituality. Contributors examine the rich history of the Lord’s Prayer in the Philippines – a history dating back to the first printed translation in 1593 – and its implications for the Philippines’ future, providing the church a foundation for public engagement and social transformation.

Ama Namin provides a valuable teaching resource for the Philippine church and for all those longing to deepen their understanding of prayer, the contextualisation of Scripture, and the love of the heavenly Father.

A Philippine Langham Scholar Collaboration

The Langham Scholars from the Philippines involved in this project are: Dr Edgar Ebojo, Dr Jason Richard Tan, Dr Rolex Cailing, Dr Laurence Gatawa, Dr Federico Villanueva, Dr Athena Goropse, Dr Juliet Lee Uytanlet, Dr Samson Uytanlet, and Dr Timoteo Gener.

The book was published by Langham Publishing in 2023 and has received high praise from Bible lecturers and scholars from across the globe:

This book represents an authoritative and delightfully contextual study of the Lord’s Prayer. Firmly based on its Jewish and Old Testament foundations, the prayer opens up onto the new world that Christ came to establish. And praying it with intention and regularity, when informed by this book, will put onesquarely in the center of the movement toward that new creation.

William Dyrness, PhD
Senior Professor of Theology and Culture,
Fuller Theological Seminary, California, USA
Adjunct Professor,
Asian Theological Seminary, Philippines

The launch of AMA NAMIN (OUR FATHER) is available to watch on Facebook here.

You can purchase Ama Namin on the Langham Literature website here.

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