God at Work Through Langham Preaching in Africa

Langham Preaching is a programme of the Langham Partnership that exists to develop godly and biblical preachers across the world in an affordable and accessible way.

In October 2022 the second All Africa Langham Preaching Consultation was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with 72 attendees from 26 Preaching Movements across the continent. Each Preaching Movement is a group of preachers in a different region who are able to learn and grow together in Biblical preaching and teaching. 

72 attendees from 26 Preaching Movements across Africa attended the consultation in October.

Rev Dr Femi Adeleye, the Director of Langham Preaching Africa shared that “key leaders of Langham Preaching in the continent met up for fellowship, to listen and learn from one another, to grow in a deeper understanding of the identity, ethos, leadership, and ownership of Langham Preaching”. 

The theme of the consultation was “Transforming Facilitators for Transformed Preaching in Africa”, with a particular focus on engaging with the ‘New School Approach’ which promotes indigenous ownership and diversity. 

A Showcase of God’s Work in Africa

Femi shared that “The global Langham Preaching family was represented by International Programme Director, Paul Windsor; the Associate International Director, Ruth Slater; the Coordinator for Facilitator Development, Jennifer Cuthbertson, and the Personal Assistant, Administrative and Media Assistant, Esteban Amestegui.” 

Paul Windsor shared that he was: “So grateful to God for the opportunity to witness first hand the work of Langham Preaching sinking deep into African soil, as 75 leaders from across 27 countries gathered for a week in Addis Ababa.”

All Africa consultation group photo
A group photo from the All Africa Langham Preaching consultation.

Femi noted that there were a number of exciting revelations to come out of the consultation that showcased God’s work throughout Africa including:

  • The number of Preaching Movements that are able to run fully locally funded seminars continues to grow with Cote d’Ivoire running two Level One Seminars and Togo running Level One and Two Seminars. They are now on their way to joining Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Nigeria as self-supporting Movements.
  • Preaching seminars across Africa have begun to return to normalcy following the Covid-19 lockdowns. Ushirika (Preaching Club) meetings are currently ongoing in Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Uganda, and Nigeria.
  • The Consultation had in attendance two representatives of the newest Preaching Movement in Africa, the Central African Republic. They committed to building an indigenous Preaching Movement with an emphasis on local ownership, Ushirika groups, and diversified leadership.
  • Some of the older Preaching Movements have requested that the African Leadership Team plan Vision Bearer’s Consultations in their countries to relaunch their movements to provide for local ownership, funding, thriving Ushirika, and diversified leadership.
  • Many committed to strengthening their Preaching Movements by building a viable indigenous Preaching Movement that is self-supporting, self-governing, and self-propagating.

Femi shared that the “consultation was a good time of fellowship, encouragement, and envisioning of one another.”

There were many sessions that took place, covering a multitude of topics including the Global Picture of the Langham Partnership and Preaching, Communications and Vision, to name a few.

Testimonials From Attendees

Of the people that attended, Femi shared a few testimonies of gratefulness to God, fellow attendees and session leaders.

  • “I am grateful for the time spent in devotional studies each morning. The times set the context for what we are doing: we are at work because of Christ. To advance His kingdom priorities; to express our love and gratitude to Him for saving us. They imparted “vision” for our sometimes-complex work, i.e. we see why we are working – for God’s glory and for the blessing of his people.”
  • “I am grateful for the evening sessions where representatives from each region spoke about their work. I see God’s faithful servants’ hand at work, many in trying circumstances. I am always grateful to see them express joy in their songs and humanity in their sharing. I am beginning to love my sisters and brothers.”
  • “I saw a sincere effort on the part of the leaders to serve the foot soldiers. This ethos is hard to miss – the global team serving the continental team, who serves the national movements. Your example is truly inspiring. I appreciate your patience and respect when listening to the leader. I observe your genuine love for God’s people. I and others feel valued as parts of a God-honoring preaching movement. The Langham Preaching leadership has clearly imbibed the New Testament focus on working as members of a caring family and not as a cold institution. You are making a real attempt to provide a family-like environment, yet one that holds each of us accountable. There is warmth, humour, and love. I have observed a deep joy at meeting again and a real sorrow in parting. Thank you!”
  • “I am grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to be part of this consultation as it has equipped me to be serious and sober-minded in participating in the expansion of the movement. I have learned that the value of the training is long-lasting and life-changing. I pray that the servant who claims to be called by God will be open to the training and that our loyalty and obligation will be to God the master of the vineyard and not our heads of churches.”

Please pray for all the attendees of the All Africa Conference and thank God for what they learned from their time together. Pray that it will continue to be an encouragement to them in the year ahead and that they will be able to shepherd many people to Christ all across Africa with godly preaching, and Christlike love for the lost.

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