‘Great joy’: Langham Preaching brings unity in Indonesia

Langham Preaching works all over the world providing training for church leaders who are working in extremely difficult circumstances. Wherever possible, training is provided by people “on the ground”.

Hendra Setia Prasaja is one such pastor who comes from Indonesia. He helps to run Langham Preaching seminars for pastors from different backgrounds in his area. He was recently interviewed for a ‘Preaching Postcard‘:

Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world

How did Jesus find you?

I thought there was nothing special in my journey to know God. And yet God has revealed his love for me continuously. I live in a Muslim environment, with my family being the only Christians in our area and my parents being very obedient to God. Every morning and evening they prayed and talked about the Lord Jesus to me and our whole family. Their habit in doing this grew my own passion for attending Sunday School and participating in church life, until finally, this confessor turned to Christ and believed in him personally.

What does serving Jesus look like for you this week?

As a pastor, there are a variety of ministry tasks to do. Every Tuesday night I coordinate an online preachers’ club – and at our meeting today, there were more than 100 participants from various cities in Indonesia. As pastor of a small church in a country with the largest Muslim population in the world, my days are filled with activities in the community outside the church. Every evening I help school children from poor families with their homework. Every Saturday night I am with people from different religions as we provide food for the homeless in the city where we live.

Hendra Setia Prasaja

What do you enjoy about working with Langham Preaching?

It is only because of Langham Preaching that I am able to do preaching training with pastors of churches from different denominations. The Lord Jesus’ prayer in John 17:21 about church unity is becoming real through Langham Preaching. This gives me great joy. Training pastors and rural church members provides me with valuable experience and helps me be more enthusiastic in the place where God trusts me to serve today.

Share a resource that has helped you in your preaching

Greg Scharf’s Relational Preaching, translated into Indonesian with the title Kotbah Yang Transformatif, has helped me become aware of the interrelationship between the preacher, the Word of God and the people of God, who hear our sermons. I am finding that these relationships are more important than all the techniques of preaching.

Please pray for Langham Preaching’s work in Indonesia.

Please pray

Join with us in praying for Hendra, in his various outreach ministries and also as he leads Langham Preaching training for local and rural pastors. Pray that his online preachers’ club will have a big impact on churches in Indonesia. 

Pray also for entry-level Langham Preaching training taking place in Bali this week. Many of the participants are engaged in ministry with the poor and the most vulnerable in this densely populated region. Please pray that this training will help shape their ministries and bring many people and families into maturity in Christ.

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