Langham Publishing Announces New Academic Imprint

Langham Publishing, the Christian publishing house of Langham Partnership International, announced the launch of their new imprint Langham Academic.

With a growing catalogue of over 450 titles authored by Christian scholars, preachers, and leaders from around the globe, the new imprint aims to build upon its global platform for insightful and scholarly work that is faithful to Scripture.  

Since its inception, Langham Publishing has focused on providing a curated and peer-reviewed range of published PhD theses by Majority World scholars under the banner and imprint of Langham Monographs. Following the strategic reorganisation as a result of growth the imprint has now been replaced by Langham Academic. This new imprint will continue to foster the publication of excellent doctoral work in series covering areas such as Old and New Testament, Theology, Christian History and Missiology, but also moves beyond theses to support academic monographs and multi-contributor works.

“In my 35 years involvement with Langham Partnership’s literature ministries, the most fruitful and exciting development has been the shift from merely getting books to the Majority World, to publishing books from and for the Majority World, enabling the global church as a whole to benefit from the theological richness of multiple voices and contexts…Langham Academic amplifies those voices for the blessing of all.”

Rev. Dr. Chris Wright, Global Ambassador for Langham Partnership.

“Academic books are vital for effective theological education by serving as a primary, readily available knowledge source. This significance is exponentially amplified through much of the Majority World due to resource constraints. Initiatives like Langham Academic play a crucial role globally by prioritizing contextual relevance in their publications. By engaging with academic theology that speaks to their specific questions and leveraging local insights, seminaries around the world are empowered to enrich their theological discourse. Furthermore, Langham Academic provides a platform for cross-cultural engagement, fostering theological dialogues that transcend geographical boundaries and unite diverse perspectives from around the world.”

Rev. Dr. Hani Hanna, International Director of Langham Literature

New and upcoming titles in this imprint include Brotherhood in Christ by Oleksandr Geychenko, To Die in Africa’s Dust by Las G. Newman, The Power and Purpose of Blood in God’s Design by Cynthia Hsing-Wei Chang and Integrated Mission by Sarah Nicholl.

Langham Academic joins three other established imprints within Langham Publishing that together serve scholars, students, preachers and church leaders.

To view books found within Langham Academic and to explore the rest of the Langham Publishing catalogue visit or the specific page

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