Faithful Steward of Langham Partnership Liz Wright to Retire

2023 will go down as a milestone in our ministry as Liz Wright has decided to retire at the end of this year. Liz says,

“When John Stott’s secretary Frances Whitehead asked me in 2001 to take over the role of communicating with the generous donors who supported his ministries in, I had no idea I would still be in the job 22 years later! At that time there were two lists of donors: the Langham Trust and the Evangelical Literature Trust. There were around 300 names on each and some common to both.

When the charities merged to form LPUKI, we had to create a new database of all those who receive our mailings, pray for the work, and help to fund it. The amazing thing is that, even though there are now thousands of names, many of those original supporters are still there, faithfully walking with us. That may include you!

Some of you I know as personal friends, but there are many others over the years whom I feel as if I’ve got to know simply through regularly processing your gifts. It’s not easy to say ‘thanks and goodbye’ to all of you and to the job I have enjoyed since Frances entrusted it to me all those years ago.”

Celebration of Liz’s Service to Langham

The Langham UK & Ireland team met together in person to celebrate the dedicated service of Liz Wright at the end of November at the Langham Service Centre in Carlisle.

In attendance was Langham USA President Ben Homan who gave this touching comment:

Liz Wright’s behind-the-scenes service for Langham Partnership across 20+ years helped make everything with which she was involved far, far better. Liz has been an unseen hand of energy and commitment to the care of Langham’s faithful supporters. She has taken the time and effort to get to know Langham’s legion of donors, Langham’s board members and the staff team in ways that made all of us happy and feel accepted as members of her family. Her wit and smile also made the work feel lighter and more fun. My whole family refers to her as “Auntie Liz,” an honorable reference to how warmly she would greet us, offer counsel and nudge us toward being better versions of ourselves. I also respect how Liz quietly supports the strategic work of her husband, Dr. Christpher J.H. Wright in her organizational role as his assistant. Yet the partnership and encouragement she brings to Chris reaches more deeply and testifies to strong love, care and loyalty. Langham’s growth in impact and reach has surely been fueled by Liz Wright’s sacrificial service. We praise God for such a wonderful sister and celebrate how she made Langham (and God’s kingdom) advance in remarkable ways.

Ben Homan, Langham USA President

Thank You, Liz

Many of our supporters have known Liz and her husband Chris Wright for many years, through Langham Partnership, All Souls church in London or through their dedicated mission in their personal and professional lives.

Liz has been instrumental to Langham UK & Ireland by managing all incoming donations and gifts and thanking our supporters with a kind word. She was there at Langham’s inception and endured the unenviable task of building a mission through countless changes of personal and technological shifts. Yet, as a faithful encourager, she blessed each person she interacted with, especially the Langham teams spread across the globe. Her infectious smile and sharp wit will be greatly missed as will her dedicated service to God’s mission and her wisdom to fulfil Uncle John’s vision.

May God bless both Liz and Chris as she enters her well-deserved retirement after two decades of loyal service to Langham Partnership.