One step closer to PhD after Tyndale House stay

Langham Scholar Emad Botros very much appreciates Langham’s support, which allowed him to stay at Tyndale House in Cambridge for three weeks. Read his encouraging report:

This was my first time in Cambridge, and to Tyndale House. The first impression you get while there is that it is a historical and an inspiring place, where many influential biblical scholars produced their work. So, this in itself was a very moving start.

Tyndale House library is one of the world’s finest collections for biblical research.

Through my time there, I was able to work on one full chapter of my dissertation. The focus of my work was on how Matthew and Luke used the book of Jonah in their respective context, and examining whether such reading can apply to our Middle Eastern context today. I have produced close to 10,000 words in three weeks, and this was very good with also more research done on Jonah in Jewish traditions.

A great opportunity

The place is very rich in terms of its biblical studies resources, with also a full access to Cambridge Library. It is also very rich in terms of the scholars I met during this time, and it was not only a great opportunity to know about their research but also to discuss my ideas with them. The people there offered very good insights to my own work. So, it was not just a time with books, but also a time with people. The latter is very important since it gave me the opportunity to examine my own ideas with some people whom I can trust. I think it would have been better if I had stayed longer, which I recommend other people to do, if they can.

The library at Tyndale House, Cambridge.

It was a very easy trip as all the practical arrangements worked out perfectly as planned. No issues at all. Special thanks to Elizabeth Hitchcock (Executive Assistant for the Scholars’ Programme) who worked very hard to make this trip a success as she looked after all the practical arrangements for this trip.

Recommend to everyone

The facilities there are very good. There is a specific place in the library provided for Langham Scholars. Also, there are many groceries stores nearby. The staff there were very friendly and helpful from day one. They also provided a bike to move around, which made things much easier. The only challenge was the unexpected hot weather, which the people in Cambridge are not used to, nor prepared for. However, Cambridge Library has some rooms with air conditioning, which was very helpful to go and study there on hot days. Of course, I will recommend this place for everyone, particularly in winter time.

I really appreciate the financial, prayerful, and logistical support I have received from Langham for this research and writing trip. It made my journey towards accomplishing the PhD one step closer.

In Christ,

Emad Botros

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