The Journey of Faith: David Valdez’s Story

Our special Langham Live guest for June 2024 was David Valdez, Regional Coordinator for Langham Preaching in Western Europe.

From Belgium to Switzerland: A Life Transformed by Faith

David’s journey is a fascinating one. Born to a Flemish mother and Ecuadorian father, David grew up in Belgium. Despite a Catholic upbringing, it was through school Bible lessons that David first encountered the gospel. His faith truly ignited during a philosophy lecture at university when a professor read from Galatians 5. This moment marked the beginning of David’s commitment to Christ, leading him to active involvement in the IFES movement in French-speaking Belgium.

Meeting Fiona: A Cross-Cultural Love Story

The host Mark Armstrong couldn’t help but inquire about David’s personal life, curious about how a Belgian man ended up marrying a Northern Irish woman and living in Switzerland. David shared the charming story of meeting Fiona through Youth for Christ in Belgium. Their shared faith and dedication to ministry culminated in marriage and four children, further enriching David’s journey.

David’s calling led him to pastoral ministry in Switzerland, where he has served in various churches. From a small town with multiple evangelical churches to a bustling university town, David has experienced diverse congregations.

Currently, he pastors a historic church near Lausanne, which is celebrating its 200th anniversary. The church’s vibrant, multi-generational congregation, including many Ukrainian refugees, reflects the dynamic nature of David’s ministry.

The Spiritual Landscape of Western Europe

David’s extensive experience offers valuable insights into the spiritual state of Western Europe. He observes a secularised society where Bible-centric preaching is rare. Many churches have shifted towards psychology-based sermons, attempting to connect with congregants on a personal level. This trend underscores the need for robust Bible teaching, a challenge that David passionately addresses through Langham Preaching.

Engaging with Langham Preaching

David’s involvement with Langham Preaching began in 2009, focusing initially on French-speaking Africa. His dedication and expertise eventually led to his current role, coordinating preaching seminars across Western Europe. Despite the region’s ample theological resources, practical training for Bible preachers is scarce. Langham Preaching fills this gap, empowering leaders to prioritise scriptural teaching in their ministries.

Challenges and Hope: The Road Ahead

Implementing Langham Preaching initiatives in Western Europe is a gradual process, requiring patience and perseverance. David shared success stories from Belgium and Denmark, where leaders have embraced the programme, recognising its potential to transform their congregations. As Langham Preaching extends its reach, there is palpable excitement and hope for a renewed emphasis on Bible teaching.

A Call for Prayer

As our conversation drew to a close, David highlighted upcoming initiatives in Portugal. He requested prayers for fruitful meetings with local leaders, hoping to establish a strong foundation for Langham Preaching in the country. The prayer points are highlighted below:



  • New (and young) members for the national committee

Prayer Requests:

  • The national committee (NC) had to cancel their national conference due to a lack of participants. It has been decided to focus the work in the different regions. The NC is planning a national conference next year.
  • Several day seminars (September-Wien, October-Wels/training for facilitators and in Knittelfield with Ewald Ring LP training facilitator (par of LP Europe team) and in november in Kundl as well as Christian Bensel (NC president).



  • LP seminars have finally started in Belgium after several years of conversation.
  • Level 1 seminars started in September 2023 in French-speaking part of the country with about 50 participants over 3 week-ends (until april 2024) with facilitators Mike Mc Gowan and David Valdez.
  • Belgian preachers are very enthusiastic and they are willing to continue for level 2.

Prayer Requests:

  • A new level 1 and a level 2 seminar are starting next October in Liège (east of Belgium) with facilitators Ed Moll and David Valdez (and maybe Mike Mac Gowan). Pray for more people coming from other denominations (at the moment we have Christian Brethren, Presbyterian and Pentecostal preachers coming).
  • Please pray for a level 1 seminar starting in Brussels on the 30th of November with some preachers from the Vianova network (church planting movement).
  • Conversations are still going on with several leaders from the flemish side of the country. There might be a possibility to start a seminar in Dutch in 2025.



  • A deep desire to start a preaching movement in the country, first with the supported of evangelical lutheran leaders

Prayer Requests:

  • A preaching club is due to start next autumn in Copenhagen, mainly with young people who are linked with the national IFES movement (KFS). The goal is to see a first ever seminar in Danemark in 2025.



  • There has been a very encouraging work in Brittany for the past few years with facilitator Mike Mc Gowan.

Prayer Requests:

  • New contacts with pastors in Brittany as well as contacts with leaders in the Annemasse (close to Geneva), Lyon and the Dijon regions with David Valdez.


Prayer Requests:

  • For David Valdez’s trip to Portugal next Sepember (8-11) where he will be meeting some leaders linked with the Evangelical Alliance, GBU (national IFES movement), Baptist seminary and the Bible Institute.



  • “Taller de predicaccion” (LP Spain) is a very dynamic movement present in the different regions of the country (1 national committee, 9 regional committees), 29 preaching clubs, more than 700 preachers linked with the movement.

Prayer Requests:

  • Need for the national coordinator to serve at 40% (currently serving at 20%). Pray to perservere in regional seminars and preaching clubs.



  • Very good preaching seminar in Stockholm last November.  Very encouraged with a new partnership between LP Sverige and the theological students association.

Prayer Requests:

  • For more preaching clubs (just one in Stockholm at the moment), growth of the LP preaching movement in different part of the country, collaboration with other preaching movement (the proclamation trust)
  • Week-end seminar for theological students at the university in Lund with Ewald Ring (training facilitor) next September.
  • Pray for the church at large: revival for Biblical preaching



  • Training Bibe teachers and preachers continues in the French speaking part since 2017.
  • The 3 level seminars have been happening in the main part of the region (Geneva, Lausanne. Fribourg).
  • We have had several days seminar (discovering how to teach and preach the Bible) in other towns.

Prayer Requests:

  • A national committee will be elected nex November. “Langham Suisse” trust will be registered as a trust. Please pray for each member (Paul, Colin, David, Boris, Charles). 
  • Pray for more facilitators.
  • Pray that more church denominations will send their people to the LP seminars.
  • Please pray for new contacts in the German-speaking part of Switzerland with the goal of starting a preaching movement in that region in 2025 or 2026.

Italy and Norway

Prayer Requests:

  • There has been some first contacts but no conversations yet. Please pray that there will be a breakthrough in these countries next year

Please pray for David Valdez, his family (his wife Fiona, and their 4 children: Ruben, Yann, Myriam and Anna), the local church where he serves as a pastor. Pray for a good balance between LP and the local church.

A Life Worth Living

Our discussion with David Valdez was both enlightening and inspiring. His journey from a young boy in Belgium to a dedicated pastor and regional coordinator exemplifies the transformative power of faith. As Langham Preaching continues to make strides in Western Europe, we are reminded of the importance of scripture-based ministry in nurturing vibrant, spiritually healthy communities.

David Valdez Biography

David grew up in Belgium in the university towns of Leuven and Louvain-la-Neuve. His father is from Guayaquil (Ecuador) and his mum is from the flemish part of Belgium.

He studied philosophy and theology at several universities. Then he served with the IFES movements in the UK and in Belgium as the general secretary of the French-speaking movement. He has been a pastor in Switzerland for the past 20 years as well as serving as a facilitator for Langham preaching in francophone countries since 2009.

Since September 2022, he has been the regional coordinator for Langham preaching in Western Europe.

David has been married to Fiona (who is originally from Northern Ireland) for many years and they have 4 children. They currently live in Lavigny, near Lausanne.