Unlocking Langham Canada: A Journey of Faith and Partnership

We were delighted to welcome our special guest on Langham Live in April 2024, Executive Director of Langham Canada, Steven Van Dyke. Join us as we delve into Steve’s personal and professional experiences and explore the integral role of national partnerships in global mission.

Discovering Faith and Purpose:

Steve’s journey began with a transformative encounter with Christianity during his teenage years, leading him on a path of faith and mentorship that shaped his worldview. Despite initial reluctance, his journey eventually led him to a profound realisation of God’s calling, intertwining his professional background as a chartered accountant with a passion for theological education.

Encountering Langham:

In a serendipitous moment at a Nairobi bookshop, Steve stumbled upon the works of Langham Ambassador Chris Wright, igniting a newfound appreciation for the depth of biblical scholarship. His immersion in theological education in Africa and encounters with Langham scholars paved the way for a deepening connection with Langham’s mission, eventually leading him to become a steadfast supporter.

From Supporter to Leader:

Steve’s pivotal moment arrived when he witnessed Langham’s impact firsthand at Shalom Seminary in Congo. Inspired by the organisation’s work, he embraced the opportunity to lead Langham Canada as its Executive Director, marking the beginning of a transformative chapter in his life.

Nurturing National Partnerships:

Navigating the vast expanse of Canada, Steve’s role transcends geographical boundaries as he fosters connections with supporters from coast to coast. From engaging with pastors to nurturing relationships with existing and potential supporters, his efforts underscore the importance of grassroots engagement in advancing Langham’s mission.

Integration into the Global Landscape:

As part of the Langham executive team, Steve finds himself amidst a diverse array of individuals dedicated to advancing global ministry. Despite Canada’s relatively modest stature on the international stage, Steve’s perspective underscores the significance of every contribution in the broader tapestry of Langham’s global outreach.

Prayerful Priorities:

Amidst the journey, Steve highlights the pressing need for additional support in the western provinces, emphasizing the importance of finding the right individual to represent Langham’s interests. As the board grapples with this priority, prayer becomes a guiding force in seeking divine guidance and provision.

Please continue to pray for Steve and the Langham Canadian team by using the points below:

1. We are looking for a West Coast representative to represent Langham in British Columbia and Alberta. We need the right person, but this is not proving easy. We have identified several candidates who, for various good reasons, didn’t work out

2. Two of our Langham Scholars studying in Toronto need prayer for the academic challenges they face

3. Our Langham Scholar studying in Montreal has returned to DR Congo for 4 months – safely arrived. Pray for him as he sets out on his field research. Travel in DR Congo is not easy and security is getting worse

4. Looking for new board members. We have identified one possible candidate and are looking for at least one more this year

5. Chris Wright is coming to Toronto in March 2025 to speak at a major church conference. We are beginning to plan for this event and having the opportunity to introduce Langham’s work to new people

Thanks to everyone who joined us this month and please remember to register for the next Langham Live event and subscribe to our monthly prayer guide.