The Stott Legacy Podcast: Episode 1 – Gottfried Osei-Mensah

To mark the centenary of John Stott’s birth, Langham has launched a new podcast called “The Stott Legacy”.

In each episode, Mark Meynell meets someone who has been impacted by John Stott’s legacy. His thought, life and example represent many challenges to our own generation. Join us as we explore inspiration, challenges and insights from the life of Uncle John.

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One of the products of the great friendship between John Stott and Billy Graham was what became the Lausanne Movement. The First International Congress for World Evangelisation was held in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1974, drawing people from 150 nations to “reframe Christian mission in a world of political, economic, intellectual, and religious upheaval”.

Lausanne Covenant

This resulted in the Lausanne Covenant, of which John Stott was the principal architect, as well as a platform for majority world voices to be heard for the first time in circles previously controlled and monopolised by white colonial voices.

Gottfried Osei-Mensah grew up in Ghana, and after studying in the UK, returned to work in the oil industry there. But Christian ministry soon beckoned, first in student ministry (in IFES) and then at Nairobi Baptist Church in Kenya.

It was while there that Gottfried not only attended Lausanne but, as we hear in this interview, was approached to become the first international director or General Secretary of the Lausanne Movement.

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The John Stott book reviewed by Ed Veale was: The Incomparable Christ

Gottfried is pictured here with John Stott and others in the US, for a Lausanne Consultation a number of years ago.

Gottfried Osei-Mensah and John Stott
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