The Stott Legacy Podcast: Episode 14 – Ted Schroder

Ted Schroder was the last of a very select group of people – curates at All Souls Langham Place appointed by John Stott. Ted speaks to Mark Meynell in episode 14 of The Stott Legacy podcast.

Ted began as a curate at All Souls in 1967, and it was while he was there, that Michael Baughen was appointed as Vicar. This was in anticipation of him taking over from Stott as Rector in 1975. He is originally from New Zealand and came to study in Durham. While there he was identified by John as someone who could break the cultural mould at All Souls.

Since moving on in 1971, Ted served as Chaplain at Gordon College in Massachusetts. He subsequently served in several churches in the USA. Married to Antoinette, they have two daughters and four grandchildren. He retired in 2018 and has dedicated his time to writing and blogging.

He has recently published an introduction to Stott’s theology called John Stott – a summary of his teaching (published by Piquant Editions)

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