The Stott Legacy Podcast: Episode 19 – Dr Elaine Storkey

Philosopher and sociologist Dr Elaine Storkey talks to Mark Meynell in Episode 19 of The Stott Legacy podcast. 

Dr Elaine Storkey has worked for many years at the interface of the Church and the Academy. Her postgraduate studies were on Wittgenstein. After that, she taught in many universities and colleges around the world, particularly in the UK and North America. She has had various posts in Oxford and Cambridge). Dr Elaine has published several books, many of which are concerned with issues of evangelicalism, gender and feminism, justice and Christian social action.

London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

In the 1980s, John Stott invited her to teach at The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, where she developed courses in Christian Worldview amongst other things. Then in 1991 she succeeded him as director and led the institution until 1999. Since then she has continued to write and be involved in all kinds of ministries around the world, including stints as A Rocha, the Micah Challenge, the University of Gloucester, Restored and Tearfund (becoming its president in 1997). 

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