The Stott Legacy Podcast: Episode 25 – Chris Wright and Tayo Arikawe

In the final episode of The Stott Legacy podcast, Mark Meynell speaks to Chris Wright and Tayo Arikawe about continuing John Stott’s vision through Langham Partnership. 

Chris Wright (PhD, Cambridge) is an Old Testament scholar and missiologist who is a prolific writer and sought-after teacher all over the world. After starting out in ministry in a Church of England church outside London, he spent several years teaching in India. He returned to the UK with his wife Liz and their children to work at All Nations Christian College, becoming Principal during the 1990s.

He was invited by John Stott to take over from him in 2001 as director of what became Langham Partnership, a role he held for 20 years. In 2021 he relinquished that responsibility, handing over to Tayo Arikawe while continuing his involvement as Langham’s Global Ambassador. He hosts the regular On Mission podcast for Langham.

Among his many publications, he is best known for The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative (IVP 2006), The Mission of God’s People (Zondervan, 2010), Old Testament Ethics for the People of God (IVP, 2010), Knowing God through the Old Testament Trilogy (IVP, 2019), and numerous commentaries on individual biblical books.

Tayo Arikawe

Tayo Arikawe is the International Director of Langham Partnership, a demanding role that involves working with the three programmes of Langham (Scholars, Literature and Preaching) as well as the National Member teams in several countries which fundraise for the programmes. Originally from Nigeria, Tayo has been involved in pastoring and planting new churches in his home country, in several other African countries, and for the last 15 years, in the UK.

Prior to joining Langham, he was the Director of Ministries for the London City Mission. He is married to Calista and they have one son Mekus. On top of all that, he is (somehow) managing to find time to complete his PhD!

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