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Christian Today article screenshot.

Mercy Ireri, Langham Preaching’s coordinator for Kenya, has appeared in Christian Today’s website, sharing the efforts to equip pastors in communities where illiteracy is common.

It’s an inspiring article, featuring her personal story of coming to faith and involvement with Langham, alongside the impact of Langham Preaching across Kenya.

The article also appeared on Keep the Faith’s website.

Keep The Faith

Magnify Campaign Launch

Simon Foulds, LPUKI’s Supporter Development Manager, shared with UCB Radio about the launch of our Magnify campaign (aired live on 21 April 2023).

The launch also featured on Anglican Ink’s website, a US-based news service for Anglican churches.

Tayo Arikawe

Tayo Arikawe on Diversity in the Church

Langham’s International Director Tayo Arikawe challenged readers and listeners about whether the Church is actually committed to diversity.

Listen to him on Premier Christian Radio, and read his piece on the Keep the Faith website.

Premier Christian Radio
Listen to Tayo on Premier Christian Radio.
Keep the Faith
Read Tayo’s piece on the Keep the Faith website.

Andy Jones on the Scarcity Gospel

Langham US’ Chief Marketing Officer Andy Jones asks whether we’ve succumbed to the ‘scarcity’ gospel – the assumption that we should expect God to do little through our churches or in our lifetime.

He argues that “the world should not dictate what we anticipate from God” and asks us to believe that “Christ can use our churches, our preaching, our prayers, and our meagre gifts to do things that are disproportionately amazing in our lifetime”.

Listen to Andy speaking on Premier Christian Radio about the topic.

Christian Today
Read Andy’s piece on Christian Today.

John Libby’s mini-sermon

Langham UKI’s Director John Libby spoke on finances, provision and contentment in a mini-sermon for Premier Christian Radio.

Premier Christian Radio
Listen to John’s mini-sermon.

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