Profound thanks expressed for Langham Library Grants

Every year, Langham Literature provides thousands of books free of charge to Bible Colleges around the world. We recently heard from students who were extremely grateful for Langham’s Library Grant programme.

Africa Renewal University Library

The library at Africa Renewal University, Uganda, which was grateful to receive its Library Grant books recently.

In December, we heard that several leaders in Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi had expressed their “delight and appreciation” at having received their Langham books.

Brian Keel, of LeaDev-Langham in New Zealand reported:

“One leader, Samuel Tumushime, from Rwanda, travelled quite a distance to where we were on a particular Sunday morning, in order to express his joy and delight at having received the books.

Help provided for taxing studies

“Another leader, James O’Krome, from Kenya was doing some studies which he was finding taxing, until the box of books arrived and provided help for him in several areas. These and other leaders express their profound thanks for the resources Langham Literature has made available to them.”

Recently, the Africa Renewal University in Uganda received its Library Grant books from Langham Literature. Its librarian, Richard Mugarura, contacted our service centre in Carlisle to express gratitude:

Africa Renewal University said its theology section in the library is “growing very fast” thanks to Langham Literature.

“We bless God for the support you render to Africa Renewal University Library. The theology section is growing very fast and the thanks go to your organisation.”

Praise God for the Library Grants scheme

Between July 2017 and June 2018 Langham Literature supplied 10,130 Bible-centred books to Majority World colleges free of charge through the Library Grants programme.

Praise God for this important programme. Please pray that more Majority World colleges will sign up to receive vital books for their libraries through Langham Literature.

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