Relaunch in Jamaica

Mark Meynell, (Langham Preaching Director for Europe and Caribbean) recently spent a weekend in Kingston, Jamaica, along with Annett Brown, Preaching Co-ordinator.

Jamaica was one of the very first countries to invite the embryonic Langham Preaching to work, way back in 2002.  John Stott himself visited with Chris Wright and then the work became quite well established, with the first Langham Preaching Director Jonathan Lamb joining him at subsequent events.

Picking up the baton

Mark writes: “I had the chance to come too, back in 2007 and 2008, making a number of good friendships that have lasted to this day. Things were going well, with events in different parts of the country.”

“Then, for reasons that are unclear, nothing really happened after around 2014: quite the disappointment for many involved and not a little frustrating after all the years of investing in people. But one of my tasks in taking on the Caribbean brief (which came about in part because of my initial visits) was to find ways to support any who might want to pick up the Jamaican baton.”

Participants at the recent re-launch event

Thanks to the hard work of Annett Brown and Grace Jervis around 50+ people attended a half-day relaunch event. They were drawn from several denominations and parts of the island; from the Anglican Archbishop of the West Indies to the Bishop Administrator-designate of the NT Church of God. Many sent their apologies while showing clear interest and support. This is seen as a HUGE encouragement.

Moving forward

Mark continues “Of course, there was no time to waste, so over the weekend, I managed to put in a visit to Caribbean Graduate School of Theology, meeting with the current President, Dr David Corbin and Dean, Sheldon Campbell, to think about ways of connecting with all 3 Langham branches: Scholars, Literature as well as Preaching.”

Please pray for the success of this re-launch; for the local committee and their plans to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with those who love the Word of God.

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