Stats show huge impact of Langham Writer’s Grants

Langham Literature offers Writer’s Grants to evangelical Scholars in the Majority World who want to write books to benefit believers in their region.

These are often a lifeline for Scholars who have huge potential but lack the funding needed to complete such projects.

Grants are awarded for the writing of theological academic textbooks and popular theological books for thoughtful laity, students, and pastors with a degree or a diploma in theology.

Writers’ workshops

Grant recipients can also attend Langham writers’ workshops, and receive other forms of assistance in certain circumstances.

A Langham Writers’ workshop in Ethiopia, 2017.

The amount awarded for each writer varies, but the average initial grant between 1993 and 2017 was around £3,000.

In 2019’s financial year, 13 new writer projects were approved; eight were completed and published; and 26 projects are ongoing.

Impact over 25 years

In 25 years, Langham has seen the great impact of these writer’s grants. For every one book that Langham sponsors, two books are authored in the next seven years by writers inspired to write more books.

Writers' workshop Sri Lanka, 2017.
A writers’ workshop in Sri Lanka, 2017.

And 72% write on average 2.5 more books 12 years after Langham’s first grant – 67% publish their next book. 77% of completed books are used by students as indigenous textbooks.

These statistics are from an independent Measurement and Evaluation study of Langham’s ministry effectiveness by ‘Excellence in Giving’.

Helped immensely

CEEBC editors conference call
The CEEBC board holding a video conference call.

Other Langham Literature projects are helped immensely by these writer’s grants. For example, several authors of the yet-to-be-completed Central and Eastern European Bible Commentary (CEEBC) are or will be grant recipients.

Please pray for the 13 new writers who have received grants this year.

Pray for the ongoing work of the Central Eastern European Bible Commentary.

And finally pray for the future impact of the books written by evangelical Majority World Scholars who receive writer’s grants.

Writers' Grants impact over 25 years.
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