Momentous ‘Magnify’ campaign launched at founder John Stott’s All Souls Church 

Magnify Launch Event, All Souls Church

Langham’s Magnify campaign, which is aiming to raise support to double the impact of its global ministries, was launched at the iconic All Souls Church, London, on 22 April.   Over 50 people from various denominations and backgrounds gathered at Langham Partnership’s birthplace for an informative, encouraging and inspirational event.   Attendees were moved and challenged hearing…

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Magnify Campaign Launch

Simon Foulds UCB Radio

Simon Foulds, LPUKI’s Supporter Development Manager, shared with UCB Radio about the launch of our Magnify campaign (aired live on 21 April 2023). The launch also featured on Anglican Ink’s website, a US-based news service for Anglican churches.

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