‘This training has become a part of my life’

Introducing Vachna, a member of the Langham Preaching team in Cambodia:

How did Jesus find you?

I came to Jesus when I was in high school. I came to church to learn how to play the guitar and to join the football team. I never thought of being a Christian, but just wanted to have fun with music and sport. Not much later, I heard the gospel shared in the youth fellowship on the topic of the lady giving her offering at the temple. It was a big surprise to me, when Jesus said that she had offered the biggest amount of all. I thought that the more I gave, the more I gained. A year later, I was converted, becoming a Sunday school teacher and then was baptised the same year.

Vachna preaching during a Langham Preaching ‘training of trainers’ event in February last year.

What does serving Jesus look like for you this week?

I received a call to be a pastor and so I went to a Bible school after my university. Nowadays, our family serve the Lord in a church back in my hometown.  Serving the Lord, ministering the Word each week, has become my journey with the Lord. My wife is responsible for our pre-school and alongside my church work, sometimes I help with a Bible school in the city. We are happily serving the Lord as a family, with both joy and suffering, but we know that the Lord is always with us.

What do you enjoy about working with Langham Preaching?

Thanks to God, in 2006, I was able to join the Langham Preaching training in Thailand. I learned the simplest way to preach, yet also apply, the Word of God. I have one preaching club where we can share and learn to improve our skills in preaching the Word. Every time we meet it is a moment of joy, as we share, we learn, we grow, and we pray together. Thanks be to God for the Langham Preaching movement in Cambodia. This training has become a part of my life.

Vachna said that every time his Preaching Club meets is a ‘moment of joy’.

Share a resource that has helped you in your preaching (other than Langham!)

Aside from Langham resources, I have used a translated Khmer Bible commentary to gather some information on background and context. Sometimes I use a commentary series, such as the one from the Asian Theological Association (ATA).

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