“This training is more precious than any earthly gift”

Dr Qaiser Julius leading training in Pakistan last year.

Dr Qaiser Julius, Principal of Pakistan’s Open Theological Seminary and a Langham Preaching leader in Pakistan, recently shared what happened at their large training event held in July last year. About 120 participants met for a five-day conference where all three levels of Langham Preaching training were delivered.

 Attendees said this:

Ashar says: “I am a pastor but I never remained on the chosen text and did not know how to preach expository sermon. During Langham training I realized that there is a world inside the text which we need to explore and [understand] what it meant for them at that time and then we must apply to present world. This training has widened [my] preaching horizons and now I commit myself to expository preaching with proper planning.

Around 120 people attended Langham Preaching training in Pakistan in July.

Jharna says: My wedding anniversary was in July and I demanded my husband to send me to Langham Training as a gift of anniversary[!] When I completed the training I realised that this training is more precious than any other earthly and materialistic gift. This training is so helpful for me while I serve among the women in Bannun which is a very hard area for ministry. All the sessions were unique and quite enjoyable especially observing the text, single story of the Bible and making connection. Group works and chart presentation were quite a great moment for learning more and doing practice. Through this valuable training my biblical perspective is more clear and focused.

Aruj says: I am a science teacher in a Christian school. Sometimes, we had to lead devotion but we were confused every time what to preach and how to preach. After attending Langham training I am now confident enough to expose a bible text with a proper tool. Langham method is very systematic and easy to grasp. Especially, model sermons were very helpful to see how to preach a faithful, clear and relevant sermon.

Small group work is an integral part of Langham Preaching training.

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