‘Tyndale House is a fantastic place’

Langham Scholar Gift Mtukwa from Zimbabwe is studying at Nazarene Theological College, an affiliated college of the University of Manchester. For two months earlier this year, Gift stayed at Tyndale House in Cambridge to work on his PhD. His time coincided with the UK and Europe Langham Scholars consultation in Cambridge. Gift gave this report:

“The first few days we had a consultation where I met many Langham Scholars and administrators. It was good to hear the research many of them are undertaking and to learn about cross-cultural communication, making an argument, Langham Literature and general information about the Langham Partnership.

Very productive time


Gift Mtukwa

Langham Scholar Gift Mtukwa attended the UK & Europe Scholars consultation in Cambridge this year.

“Concerning my residency at Tyndale, I officially began research on 29 March 2018. I had set out to research on the Thessalonian chapters. Before I started, I went back to the research I had done and beefed my research with the most up-to-date books in the area.

“My research significantly enhanced my chapter on the Historical Background of Thessalonian Letters at Tyndale. Having completed this chapter, I started to look at the texts I am studying and consulted all the commentaries I could get at Tyndale and other relevant monographs. I was able to complete a chapter on 1 Thessalonians which I have written and submitted it to the supervisor.

“We met after three weeks to discuss it, and the discussion went well. She was very impressed with the work I have done. I also researched the chapter on 2 Thessalonians, I am now in the process of writing it up. My time at Tyndale was very productive, and I am thankful for the opportunity to study there.

Study without distractions



Cambridge, UK, is an excellent place for study and research.

“Tyndale is a fantastic place, where one can meet various people from all over the world. The conversations over tea are some of the highlights and students of the bible discuss their ideas and get to know each other. The sense of community at Tyndale House is impressive.

“The library resources are some of the excellent resources one can get anywhere in the world. It is an excellent place to focus and study without distractions. Being around other scholars who are working hard on their research is very inspiring for one to work hard on their research.

“I had all the information I needed when I got to Cambridge. The self-catering system works for all since readers can make food that they want to eat. The kitchen has all that one needs to prepare and store food. The rooms are suitable for sleeping and even studying since they provide a desk and a chair. Overall, I am happy with Tyndale House as a research centre.”


You can help make it possible for more Langham Scholars to stay at Tyndale House. It costs  £6,650 a year for our permanent ensuite study-room.

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