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Discover how Langham's programmes help to equip church leaders within the Majority World.

The Langham Story

John Stott understood Christians must first be transformed by God's Word if they are going to be faithful disciples. And for Christians to mature in their faith, they need leaders who believe, teach and live by God's Word. Yet, as he travelled the world, he realised the lack of formal training among most pastors.  

In 1969, John Stott founded the Langham Partnership, named after Langham Place at All Souls Church in London, where Stott pastored.

Since then, Langham's ministry now spans the globe. Our goal is to equip Majority World church leaders through training, scholarships and publishing Biblically-sound literature.

What We Do

Langham has pastor training movements in countries around the world led by local leaders who understand the context and challenges facing the local church.

Langham equips emerging Christian leaders from around the world to receive their PhDs in Bible and theology and then serve the church in their nations.

Langham develops books that are written in and for the local context. We do this by supporting local writers and publishers around the Majority World.

Holding Out Hope in Fiji with Langham Partnership

Poor preaching is a prevailing problem across Fiji: pastors ostensibly use the Bible but push their own agenda and fail to apply God’s Word to people’s lives. The so-called ‘prosperity Gospel’ is also affecting the fabric of Fijian culture, even in individual families.

Pio ‘Tukana’ Nakesu is the pastor of a small church in Suva, Fiji, called Namadi Heights Baptist Church. As the country’s Langham Preaching coordinator, he knows the enormous benefit of faithful biblical preaching – but it’s come at a personal cost.

Watch the video above and read the full article in Langham's Transform Magazine.