Profile: Preacher in Panamá

21 February 2017 |

Idalcy Aguilar is one of the two Country Coordinators for Langham Preaching in Panamá, South America. Here is a short interview to help us get to know Idalcy!

Idalcy Aguilar, one of the two Country Coordinators in Panamá.

How did Jesus find you?
During a youth retreat when I was 17 years old. Life had been traumatic for me, with a relationship with my mother characterised by rebellion. But I perceived Jesus´ call on my life through the words of a preacher. I began to cry saying to God, ‘I want to follow you, but please help me not to turn back.’ In the 13 years of life that followed, I have not turned back.

What does serving Jesus look like for you this week? 
I serve the Lord in the CEC, the student movement in Panamá affiliated with the IFES here.  This draws me into various ministries, including prayer, discipleship, teaching and evangelism.  I also minister in our family context by caring for my mother who is a cancer patient.

What do you enjoy in working with Langham?
Langham helped me from the first day to grow both as a child of God and as a preacher. The aspects of the ministry which I enjoy most are: the opportunity to learn from one another, the humility required in evaluating each other, and watching the way the Word transforms the lives of men and women here in Panamá.

Share a resource that has helped you in your preaching. 
Maintaining the discipline of my own devotional life has been important. We are encouraged to begin the journey to the sermon by meditating on the text as part of our personal devotions. This means it impacts my own life first, helping me feel and experience what I will be preaching, and this encourages me to believe it can also impact others.



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