Why Langham?

Christianity is spreading rapidly across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, along with Eastern Europe, China, Russia and the Middle East.

Every Day

174,000 start their new lives in Christ.

Every Week

4,000 new churches are planted.

The Result…

A majority of Christians live outside the US and Europe.

In many regions around the world, the growth rate of Christianity exceeds the general population growth. In Asia alone, the growth of Christianity is twice as fast.

But Are We Making Disciples?

God has blessed the global church in its evangelistic outreach, but the rapid growth has created a critical shortage of biblical leaders and resources. As a result, tens of millions of believers are struggling to grow in Christ.

Hungry for God’s Word

With no biblical resources to shake them from the worldviews of their cultures, believers are vulnerable in their faith.

False Teaching

Across Africa, Latin America and Asia, the prosperity gospel and other false teaching damages churches, families and communities.

Cultural Beliefs

From witchcraft to polygamy, lack of biblical understanding keeps local believers mired in unbiblical, harmful practices and beliefs.

Sheep without Shepherds

Many pastors and leaders have little if any biblical training and are not equipped to shepherd believers to grow in Christ.

Listening to the Majority World

Here is what global church leaders from around the world say about the issues.

  • Gladys Mwiti

    Founder & CEO, Oasis Africa Counselling Center, Nairobi, Kenya

  • Dr. Milton Acosta

    Professor, Seminario de Biblico Colombia

  • Myrto Theocharous

    Professor of Biblical Studies, Greek Bible College, advocate against sex trafficking in the region

  • Dr. Habtu

    Professor and Dean at Kenya's Africa International University, editor of Africa Bible Commentary

It is common knowledge that the center of gravity of the global church has shifted from the north to the south; and so Africa is a huge part of that south where the church is blossoming…a lot of enthusiasm, the Holy Spirit is flowing, but doctrine and theology are thin and that’s very dangerous for Africa.

We in Latin America have the situation where a lot of preachers have no training in theology or in preaching.

Theological education is very important because, first of all, churches need good teaching. There are churches in Greece, but not every pastor, every worker is educated. There is a big lack of literature to do that. This is a stark difference with the West and especially the US, where there are so many books, so many commentaries, so much literature that one can just go to the bookstore, pick up, and read. We don’t have that luxury in Greece. We need to produce this.

With the church growing in the Majority World that is Latin America, Africa or Asia, the training of leaders at this level is very strategic… theological education at the highest level becomes very important.

Langham on the Forefront

As Langham founder John Stott travelled around the world teaching and meeting with global church pastors and leaders, he recognised the growing trend and resulting crisis of leadership through a listening posture that we model today in our walk with the global church.

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