Celebration Snapshot 2022-2023

This year’s Celebration Snapshot report is now available to view online. Highlighting major milestones and facts and figures, this annual publication offers an insight into Langham’s global ministry.

Langham Preaching Highlights

■ Held 360 in-person and virtual preaching training seminars in 81 countries. There are 108 Langham Preaching Movements in 92 countries around the world.
■ Equipped 11,719 preachers to teach God’s Word
■ Shepherded 1,292 Preaching Clubs of 7-10 pastors and leaders meeting regularly for ongoing training and mentoring.
■ Held 9 global or regional consultations, forums or leadership meetings, involving at least 233 leaders and/or coordinators from across the world to review, learn, train and plan.

Langham Literature Highlights

■ Supplied 11,792 Bible-centred books to 705 Majority World (MW) colleges across 78 countries. 8,340 of these books were supplied to 677 colleges free of charge through the Library Grants program.
■ Distributed 26,806 Bible-centred books to MW pastors, students and ministry partners. 13,746 of these books were supplied free of charge to participants at, or coordinators of, Langham Preaching seminars and/or clubs.
■ Distributed a total of 221,622 books, including books that Langham distributes for ministry partners. Of the total books distributed by Langham, 89,848 (40%) were digital.
■ Supported 26 indigenous publishers, in 20 different countries, in the production of 55 local language titles, through the awarding of Publisher Grants (to 21 publishers in 16 countries), and/or mentoring and advice. Additionally, 8 local writers in 6 countries were supported through Writer Grants.
■ Published 46 books. 30 of these were by MW authors or contributors, and 14 of these were by Langham Scholars.

■ Supported the publication of 2 groundbreaking Bible Commentaries – the Central and Eastern European Bible Commentary (English) and the Central Asian Bible Commentary (Russian), and also Genesis 1-11, the first book in the Windows on the Text series. Also actively worked on 16 other commentary projects.

Langham Scholars

■ Supported 98 PhD students from 46 MW countries in theological doctoral programmes. 21 of these scholars are new scholars who commenced Langham scholarships during the 2022-23 academic year.
■ Celebrated the graduation of 11 PhD scholars, who join a fellowship of more than 331 graduated Langham Scholars serving around the world.
■ Supported 12 current doctoral MW scholars and 9 postdoctoral scholars, with study residencies for concentrated periods of study, or research and writing projects, in centres where there is access to excellent library resources and a research community.

Langham Scholars has:

■ Held 4 in-person Regional Scholar consultations for current Langham scholars and 1 virtual gathering.
Held 2 in-person Regional Forums for graduated Langham scholars and 10 virtual events. Consultations and Forums provide opportunities for scholars to network, receive pastoral care, share research, collaborate, and be more effective in serving the church and theological institutions.
■ Langham Scholars had at least 34 books/articles published.