The Growing Preaching Movement in Cambodia

“Churches live, grow and flourish by the Word of God, and they languish and die without it…whenever the Word of God is faithfully expounded and applied, congregations grow in both size and depth.”

John Stott

Each month, Langham Preaching seminars are run around the world, equipping God’s people to better read, interpret and teach the Bible. In February 2023, a large Level 2 Preaching Seminar was run in Cambodia that made a huge impact on those who attended.

It focused on strengthening preaching from the New Testament. As it was a multi-day seminar and gathered a large group from various provinces, it involved setting up a multitude of tents for accommodation and organising catering for everyone.

Together in Training and Fellowship

Country coordinator Sin Somnang says, “We focused on whatever relates to [the] Gospels, parables, apocalypse and epistles that we see in the New Testament. These are what we need to understand and learn in detail. But to be able to do this, we need last year’s training technique of how to study the text, as a foundation for this second year.”

In addition to the training, the attendees and facilitators enjoyed time together as God’s people. Sin says, “Everyone enjoys learning and having fellowship. They have practised observing the text. It helps them prove their understanding and have a wider perspective.”

Participant Vatana says, “I have learnt a lot. Firstly, it helps me understand better than last year. I can apply this method to teaching. Secondly, I like the fellowship as we join together, men and women, adults and seniors, as one family.”

Vatana also appreciates the work of the Langham Preaching team in Cambodia, many of whom are volunteers. She shares, “As a Christian, I believe God wants us to do this. I have seen our team do very well. Especially the leaders who have created spaces and programs for us to have fellowship. We all come from different provinces but when we meet together, we share hospitality and love as family. I thank God for this.”

Growth Amidst Challenges

Sin says, “Challenges include persecution and poverty but also harmful cultural beliefs and practices that threaten the growth of the church.”

Langham’s training provides skills and confidence to address those challenges from God’s Word. Thanks to the grace of God, the movement is growing in Cambodia. In mid-August, 25 people gathered for an in-person Training of Local Facilitators seminar to build the capacity of the Cambodian preaching movement.

In November, training specifically for young pastors took place, an effort which will encourage growth as well as relational connections to provide support and accountability going forward.

The Level 3 training will happen in February 2024. Please pray for all who attended seminars this year and for those coming back next year!

This article was written by Ngaire Buckley, Langham Partnership Australia.