Chris Wright speaking at Keswick this week

Langham Partnership’s International Ministries Director Chris Wright is the Bible Reading Speaker at Week 2 of this year’s Keswick Convention. He’s speaking on the book of Micah during the morning meetings at 11.15 this week. You can watch the talks live on YouTube.

Micah, a prophet easily overshadowed by his glorious contemporary Isaiah, knew he was filled with the power of God’s Spirit and sent to proclaim God’s word to God’s people (Mic 3:8). And what a state they were in! The nation of Judah was in an advanced state of moral, spiritual and social degradation. Micah puts his finger on evils that were rampant then and still with us today – obscene inequality; land-grabbing greed; eviction and homelessness; political self-excusing and complacency; corruption at every level of society. Micah holds up a painful contemporary mirror. And yet! God has not finished with Israel. Beyond judgement lay restoration. Out of a mountain of injustice, the Mountain of the Lord will rise. Out of little Bethlehem, God’s king will come. Out of acknowledged sin, comes forgiveness and redemption. There is hope, for ‘Who is like the Lord?’ (as Micah’s name means).

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